Throttle Bodies

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Replacement throttle bodies for Fords of all varieties

As a small but highly important component in your Ford, these parts are responsible for the airflow into the engine of your vehicle.

This unit is controlled by the throttle position and airflow sensors, as well as the computer in your car. So when you press your foot on the accelerator, these all send signals that tell the throttle position how much to open and how much air to send into the engine.

What happens if your Ford Fiesta, Territory or Falcon BF/BA throttle body fails?

Because most modern cars are fuel-injected, the design of this part is an essential aspect of the operation of your vehicle and you are going to experience major problems if it begins to fail. There are many factors that can cause it to experience issues, including the buildup of grime, and electrical issues that cause incorrect messages to be sent throughout the computer system. Additionally, vacuum leaks can hinder the impact of your airflow, leading to issues in performance.

Signs you need to replace your Ford throttle body

The first thing you are likely to notice – whether in your Fiesta, Territory, Falcon or other model – is poor or very low idling. This is because your engine is essentially being starved of the air it needs for proper fuel injection. An instance like this will continue when you are driving, as your acceleration becomes rough, and a lack of power means you may not even be able to accelerate at all.

In some cases, you might be able to accelerate to a certain point, but once you reach a lower speed, you won't be able to go any faster. If you are noticing any of these symptoms then it is important to get your vehicle to the mechanic as quickly as possible.

Official and genuine spare parts available through our store

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