Brake Hoses

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Official Ford rear brake hose assembly

Your brake assembly is a critical system in your Ford as any degradation in your ability to stop could prove to be disastrous.

As part of your system, you have metal lines that run the length of your vehicle. Meanwhile, there are rubber pipes referred to as brake hoses. These branch off these lines and distribute fluid to the calliper. Running out of fluid is extremely dangerous as you will effectively have little to no stopping power, which is obviously a major hazard.

Ford brake assembly products are designed to be durable and last for many years, but they should be regularly inspected to ensure there are no cracks, leaks or other damage.

How do I know my hose is bad or failing?

The obvious way to know that any component in your assembly is failing is the light appearing on your dash. When this light appears, it should always be treated seriously, and you should go straight to the mechanic.

●      Mushy pedals: A failing hose is going to limit fluid, reaching the wheels and compromise the pressure system. That means you won't get the same resistance you would ordinarily get when depressing the pedal.

●      Signs of damage: At every routine inspection, your hoses should be looked at for signs of any damage that could become worse and lead to leaks or other hazards. They should be replaced immediately.

●      Inability to stop: In extreme circumstances, these parts can fail suddenly and without warning, which will mean you cannot stop at all. Use your handbrake and gears to carefully stop as quickly as you are able and have your vehicle sent to the mechanic for repairs immediately.

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