Genuine Ford Transmission Pipes & Hoses

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Your transmission is the regulator of your vehicle, responsible for ensuring that you supply enough power and torque to accelerate smoothly. It also keeps the engine from being forced to provide too much power at high speeds, like driving on the highway.

There are a number of parts leading to and from your transmission that need to be monitored, inspected and replaced. This is especially the case if there is any sign of wear or tear. If there is, it’s likely your system won’t work effectively.


Is it time to replace your air intake or PVC hose?

Visible damage to this area of your vehicle is the most obvious way to tell that it is ready to be replaced. However, you may also see signs of leaking oil occurring around the lines and overheating or degradation to the rubber component.

There are a number of parts to inspect in the engine of your Ford, including:

●      Heater pipes: These can become extremely dry, leading them to become cracked and broken, which can lead to your Ford overheating.

●      PCV hoses: The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve is responsible for transferring surplus gases to where they need to be. If this fails (or the PCV valve) then you can end up with dangerous gases in your cabin.

●      Turbo: This part needs to be monitored closely because if it fails it can cause engine failure and an inability to accelerate.

●      Air intake: When these become damaged, you find that you have difficulty idling as the air is escaping.


We stock a full range of genuine replacements for transmission pipes and hoses. Best of all, they’re designed to fit most Ford models, including Falcon, Festiva, Territory and more. Choose the best size and fit every time, all the while knowing a longer lifespan than third-party alternatives backs your product.

Beyond these parts, we also stock other products such as flywheels, filter kits, gaskets and much more. Whether you need internal or external components, simple pipes and plugs through to significant parts for your vehicle, we have the genuine solution to suit. Browse our range today and we will have your order delivered express to your mechanic, getting you back on the road fast.