Starter Motors


Ford Starter Motors for Long-term Reliability

The starter motor is the link between your ignition system and your engine. When you turn the ignition over, it will engage your motor, which will then rotate the combustion chamber. From there, the air is sucked in and the ignition process begins.

Without a properly working motor, you won’t be able to get your engine to turn over or operate on its own. That often leads you to be stranded in less than ideal circumstances.

How often should I replace my starter motor?

Fortunately, our genuine products are made for durability and longevity and should perform strongly for anywhere between 160,000km and 240,000km. Like all components, it should be regularly inspected for signs of damage or wear and tear, then replaced when no longer working to its full capacity.

It is important to always replace your motor with genuine replacements, as they have been designed specifically for your model, including your Ford Falcon or Territory.

Any savings you might make with third-party options are lost when it fails prematurely, leaving you stranded and potentially damaging other parts of your engine.

How do I know if it needs replacing?

If your vehicle does not start at all, the usual culprits are alternators, spark plugs, the battery or the glow plugs in diesel motors. If these fail, you won’t be able to start your car and will likely need expert support.

Before it reaches that point, you may notice a loud clicking sound when you are turning the key in the ignition. This could be a single click or a series, but either is a sign that you have a faulty part. You may also notice grinding or buzzing noises when you start your vehicle or intermittent engine cranking.

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We have the full range of options for all the components involved in your vehicle’s ignition process. This includes AC compressors, which are responsible for pumping the refrigerants through your air-conditioning system to ensure you are comfortable as soon as you turn your vehicle on. 

All of our accessories are genuine, with warranties included for your peace of mind. Plus, you get our ongoing support when you need it most. Beyond this, we have every single accessory and component available, so you can be prepared for your next service or repair job with highly competitive prices across our entire range. We also have express delivery available for all customers across Australia.