Genuine Ford Starter Motors

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Ford Starter Motors

Ford starter motors are an integral part of your vehicle’s ignition system. A faulty starter can damage other components or leave you stranded in worst-case scenarios. If you need a genuine replacement for your worn-out starter, you’re in the right place.

Jefferson Ford offers a broad range of high-torque Ford starter motors for cars from the legendary automotive maker. So whether you have an Everest, Falcon, Fiesta, Ranger, or Territory, we have genuine replacements for your old or faulty starter. Explore our online catalogue to find more parts and accessories compatible with your vehicle.

What does a starter motor do?

Before the invention of starter motors, most engines were started using removable crank handles. However, this method was notoriously inconvenient and dangerous, as engines are highly volatile machines. They would kick back or jerk unexpectedly, causing injuries to the operator. In addition, the increasing size of engines made hand-cranking more and more laborious. 

Ford starter motors are essentially the link between the ignition switch and the engine. They are made of various components that work together to start the engine. These parts include a solenoid, plunger, armature, and pinion. 

When you turn the key in the ignition switch, the battery delivers an electric current to the starter motor. The starter’s components then interact to turn the flywheel and start the engine ultimately. 

If you turn the ignition switch only to hear a click, your starter motor might be faulty. Unfortunately, there’s no certain way to tell if your starter motor is defective, but there are some common symptoms: 

  • Grinding Noise: You may hear a grinding noise if a starter motor's pinion is worn out. If this issue is not addressed immediately, you also risk damaging the engine flywheel. 
  • Whirring Noise: If you can hear a whirring sound when you turn the ignition switch, the starter motor may not be engaging the flywheel, causing it to freewheel. 
  • Smoke: If smoke comes out of your engine bay when you turn the ignition switch, it can indicate that the starter motor is drawing too much power from the battery.

Without a functional starter motor, you may have to push-start or jump-start your car to bring it to a mechanic. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these alternative methods, you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere while waiting for help to arrive. 

A high-quality starter motor can endure hundreds of thousands of kilometers without succumbing to wear and tear. However, you should inspect it regularly for signs of damage so you don’t end up stranded one day. 

Jefferson Ford stocks a variety of premium Ford starter motors for both old and new models. Browse our extensive collection to find an authentic replacement starter compatible with your vehicle.  

What factors should I consider when buying a starter motor?

Ford starter motors come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s vital that you determine which models are compatible with your vehicle before placing an order. These components also use different mounting methods, depending on your vehicle’s engine. Therefore, you must first familiarise yourself with your car’s specifications to know which components it can support.

If you think your starter motor is in need of a replacement, make sure you get a genuine spare part. You might save a couple of dollars with third-party options, but you’ll end up spending more after it fails prematurely and damages your other components. 

Jefferson Ford makes it easy to find genuine Ford starter motors designed for your vehicle online. Our website lets you input your vehicle’s model, year, and variant to identify parts that are fully compatible with your ride. Alternatively, you can hop on a call with one of our representatives to enquire about our offerings. Simply dial (03) 9300 5815 or email us at

Where can I buy the best starter motor near me?

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