Suspension Bushes

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Official Ford Territory & Falcon Diff Bushes

Wondering why Ford bushings are essential for your ride? Be it for a Falcon BA, Focus or another Ford model, suspension bushes are a small but essential part of your anti-vibration system — isolating vibrations and allowing your whole system to operate freely. This rubber design prevents metal-on-metal contact in your suspension while still allowing for movement — so you’re not suffering through a rough ride from components that have become worn down.

These Ford parts play a significant role in the efficient running of your vehicle. They contribute towards the handling and safety of your car, as well as the level of comfort while driving. But because they are exposed to the elements under your vehicle and form part of a bustling system, they can become worn down very quickly. That is why we always advise you to have official Ford Territory rear diff bushes — or equivalents, for other models — to keep your vehicle backed by a smooth operation.

How Do I Know if the Suspension Bushes Are Failing?

The problem with a failing part like this is that it can quickly influence all other elements of your broader system. Once you have metal on metal happening, your system will degrade very soon — so this Ford part is vital to prevent that damage from occurring in the first place.

Broken bushings equal faulty suspension arms or, worse, even more expensive problems.

Because these parts are so small, though, it can be hard to detect when they are failing. Listen for creaking or clunking noises coming from under your vehicle. These noises indicate that there is metal-on-metal contact occurring and that the component is no longer able to prevent that from happening.

Protect your Ford Ranger suspension and always ensure that this area of your vehicle is on the checklist at your regular service. A qualified mechanic should have genuine Ford parts like a Ford diff brush tool and can assess your bushings — plus advise you on when to replace them.

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