Suspension Bushes

Official Ford Territory and Falcon diff bushes

Be it for a Falcon BA, Territory or another Ford model, suspension bushes are a small but essential part of your anti-vibration system, isolating vibrations and allowing your whole system to operate freely. This rubber design is designed to prevent metal-on-metal contact in your suspension, while still allowing for movement so you are not suffering through a rough ride from components that have become worn down.

These small components are a major aspect of the efficient running of your Ford vehicle and will contribute towards the handling and safety of your car as well as the level of comfort while driving. But because they are exposed to the elements under your vehicle and form part of a very busy system, they can become worn down very quickly. That is why official Ford Territory rear diff bushes – or options for other models – are always advised to keep your vehicle backed by a smooth operation.

How do I know if the suspension bushes are failing?

The problem with a failing part like this is that it can quickly influence all of the other elements of your wider system. Once you have metal on metal happening, they degrade very quickly so this part is vital to prevent that damage from occurring in the first place.

Because these designs are so small, though, it can be hard to detect when they are failing. Listen for creaking or clunking noises coming from under your vehicle, these noises are indicating that there is metal on metal contact occurring and that the component is no longer able to prevent that from happening.

Always ensure that this area of your vehicle is on the checklist at your regular services so a qualified mechanic can assess them and advise you on when to replace them.

Jefferson Ford has all of the components you need to ensure that your suspension system is working perfectly. Whether you are looking to take your Ford off-road for recreational adventures or just want a smooth ride in the city or the country, always turn to official products so that you are getting the assurance of quality and durable, long-lasting components. We have everything from shock absorbers to suspension arms and everything else you will need for your vehicle.