Power Steering Racks

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Maintain a smoother ride with our Ford Falcon (BA) and Territory steering racks

We have come a long way with vehicles over the years with a range of modern innovations, technologies and options that make our Ford easier and safer to operate.

One of those innovations has been power steering which gives us greater maneuverability, makes it easier to park, allows you to steer through busy roads with ease and also make it easier to evade and avoid emergency situations, so it is safer as well.

Your power steering rack is the bar that is positioned parallel to the front axle that will move left and right as you move the steering wheel and allow you to position the front tyres in the desired direction. While in previous generations the steering rack would be manually operated, the power steering rack uses an engine-drive pump which makes it much easier to turn.

This system has a lot of smaller components as well including seals, hoses, rings and also the hydraulic fluid required to make it all work. And when any of these components fail, it can make it very difficult to steer and render your Ford unsafe.

How do you know if your power steering rack is about to fail?

When your power steering rack or columns fail, you will know about it. The check engine light and others will come on immediately and you will find it extremely difficult to steer the vehicle. In this case, slowly and safely pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance.

There are signs that your power steering is about to fail before it happens as well, including loose or sloppy steering, shaking, misaligned wheels, return to centre or instability at high speeds.

The opposite can be true as well, you might find that your handling is very tight, there is a grinding noise, and there could be a smell like burning oil. You may also notice power steering fluid leaking out from underneath your vehicle.

If any of your steering parts have failed, we have a wide range available for you to back on the road. All of our parts are available at competitive prices, will not impact your warranty and can be delivered directly to your mechanic.