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Genuine Ford interior components and accessories

The modern car has a wide range of interior features and accessories that range from essential components for the safe operation of your vehicle, through to creature comforts like your entertainment system and automation for your windows etc. 

As we spend so much time inside our vehicle, these products can fail or break over time, especially when you have regular passengers like children or through carpooling. Choosing official replacements for all of these interior components is vital, as this will ensure they are the perfect fit and will function exactly as they are supposed to. In many cases, this is essential for your safety as well as your comfort.

Enjoy genuine Ford interior accessories

Jefferson Ford has the complete range of interior components and accessories that are all genuine products, with options available for your vehicle including:

Mats: Protect the carpet flooring with authentic carpet mat sets made from the most durable materials and designed to perfectly mould to your vehicle. That means they are not going to slide around or let dirt and debris sneak underneath them, which is going to cause stains and damage to your carpets. This includes options like luggage compartment mats.

Electrical components: If any of your electrics have failed we have authentic replacement options, including brake light switches, seat switches, lighters, replacement horns, power seat adjusters and sensors. We also have audio modules so you can plug in your USB device, remote controls for your entertainment systems, and electric window switch assemblies. 

Latches and handles: If these have failed we have replacement options, including glove box latches and handles, bonnet catches and latches, and front seat adjusting handles. 

Plastic components: These can become cracked. We have authentic options that will fit perfectly into place, including cushion valances, glove compartment box assemblies, scuff plates, compartment panels, child seat brackets for the safe installation of child capsules and seats, and all of the replacement panels you need for all models. 

Knobs and levers: It is important for your safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle that these are working correctly. We have everything you need, including gear knob replacements, handbrake levers, seat adjusters, automatic transmission levers, brake pedals, seat tilt knobs, and gear shift housing assemblies.

Seat covers and cushioning: Everything you need to repair your seats in all models if they become stained, scratched or torn, including custom moulded cushioning and covers that will fit your seats perfectly.

We also stock larger ticket items, such as full instrument cluster replacements, accelerator pedals and airbags.

This includes all the associated components required for their safe operation – alternators, audio display units, tonneau covers – and everything you can think of for the interior and exterior of your Ford. That includes boot liners, floor mats and all of your exterior accessories including wheels, spoilers, guards, mirrors and much more.