Boot Liner/ Mat


Ford boot liners – for Territory, Mondeo, Focus, Everest and more

From the humble weekly grocery shop to loading up for school runs and sporting events, the boot is an essential storage component that we use for a wide range of purposes.

As we are constantly loading and unloading different materials from this area of our vehicle, it can become damaged over time with lots of scratches, dents and signs of wear – while excess liquid leakage can lead to corrosion and more severe damage.

Why use boot covers and liners?

These accessories are an essential addition to protect your vehicle from this damage, and it is important to use authentic versions which are available through Jefferson Ford. Official versions have been designed specifically for your model of vehicle, so it is going to fit securely and stay in place, resisting all dirt and debris that could otherwise sneak in underneath. 

Aftermarket versions tend to be more generic and can slide around, allowing dirt and liquids to get underneath which defeats the purpose and causes damage like mould, stains and worse.

The major benefits of our genuine designs include:

Waterproofing: There are all kinds of liquids that can leak out into your interiors. Genuine boot liners and covers are designed to resist them all. Whether it is juice or milk leaking from your groceries, or one of the kid's water bottles left open in their school bag, you can simply remove the cover to remove the liquid and wipe it dry. Then pop it back in and it will be ready for your next load of cargo.

Oil resistant: An oil spill can be very difficult to remove from the carpet of your interiors, and will create fumes that will run through your vehicle. This is no good, particularly for people with respiratory problems. If this oil reaches the mechanical components of your vehicle, it can burn off as white smoke which creates even more hazards. These liners and covers will trap the oil and allow you to remove it safely.

UV resistance: The sun is beating down on your vehicle for many hours a day while you are driving, and at the end of the day if you cannot store it undercover. This can cause extensive fading. These covers and liners provide a shield that can stop the UV light from damaging your vehicle.

Ease of use: These boot liners are quick and simple to install, and just as easy to remove. They can be taken out whenever you like to remove liquid and dirt etc, and they are extremely easy to clean as well. All you need to do in most cases is give them a quick blast with the hose, leave them to dry and pop them back in good as new.

Jefferson Ford has genuine boot liners and covers for all models, and a range of other protective devices including floor mats, seat covers and scuff plates that have all been designed to be the perfect fit for your vehicle.