Door Locks & Actuators

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Ford door lock actuators and replacement parts

The modern vehicle comes with a range of technologies that make life easier, in terms of driving and general convenience. That includes the power technology housed inside the doors of our vehicles which allow us to easily open and close the windows and lock the car remotely.

For those that can remember the days of winding windows manually, this technology is a godsend - while it works. Unfortunately, like all technology, these electronics do have a shelf life and can cut out without warning.

We stock a full range of Ford door parts and actuator replacements for a wide variety of models across Falcon and Territory lines, as well as an assortment of other options.

How do I know if my door actuator is about to fail?

When it comes to electronics, there's often no warning, and the component will just stop working. This is the same with door assemblies, but sometimes you might get some symptoms that something is about to fail.

This could include strange noises like whining or whirring inside the door itself, or it could be erratic behaviour when trying to operate windows, like jarring movement or failure midway through the operation.

Can you fix a door lock actuator?

The good news is that each of these door parts in a Territory, Falcon (BA) or another model of Ford is isolated to that individual design, so if one fails in other areas of the vehicle, it will continue to function as per normal.

For the DIY enthusiast and/or home mechanic, it can be tempting to unscrew the panels and take a look at the electronics to see if you can repair it yourself. In most instances, though, any failure is likely to require the replacement of the entire door lock actuator assembly, mostly if the cable has snapped. This is a job that can be performed at home, but it is also recommended that this is left to the professionals.

Jefferson Ford stocks the complete range of interior components for your vehicle, including all of the electronics and technologies required to get your doors running smoothly again. All of our parts are genuine and come with the Ford guarantee so you can rely on them to be functional for many years to come.

We can deliver any parts, interior or exterior, to any location in Australia as well including directly to your mechanic’s workshop.