Don’t sacrifice safety – shop our Ford drive shaft parts now

The driveshaft is a cylindrical shaft that delivers all of the torque from the engine to the wheels of your Ford, getting them spinning and moving your vehicle.

Ford drive shaft bolts and parts connect to the back of your transmission and turn this spinning power generated by the engine into torque that is transferred to your differential and the rear of your vehicle.

It is a critical addition to your array of driveline parts and any failure will cause major issues with your ability to operate your Ford and a safety hazard that could lead to an emergency situation, which is why you should ensure your drive shaft bolts and axle shafts are regularly inspected and replaced at the first signs of failure.

How do I know my Ford axle shafts need replacing?

If you are having difficulty with the overall control of your Ford, it could be an indicator that you need a tailshaft centre bearing replacement. This is especially the case if you are noticing extreme shaking or vibrating coming from beneath the vehicle.

There are other elements of your vehicle that you need to ensure are routinely inspected and replaced as well that can influence your driveshaft. Bushings and u-joints can wear out over time and put pressure on the drive shaft, causing it to vibrate, degrade and eventually fail.

That is why it is important the entire drive train is regularly inspected so that you don't find yourself in a dangerous position while driving.

Replace the parts in your driveline before they become faulty

Through regular inspections, your mechanic can discover elements of your driveline that are becoming faulty, including the driveshaft bolts or additional parts. It can also include other aspects like gaskets, the camshaft, the differential, o-rings and all of the associated seals and servos.

Jefferson Ford stocks components for every aspect of your driveline, from major parts like gaskets & seals, the axle shaft and other accessories. All of these products are genuine, so you can expect the highest standards and they will be compliant with the conditions of your warranty.

If you are experiencing any issues with your driveline, have your Ford taken to your mechanic and our team can have the right replacement components delivered directly to the destination of your choice.