Genuine Ford Power Steering Pumps

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Ford Power Steering Pumps

Ford power steering pumps enable you to maneuver your vehicle with ease. However, if your pump fails, you should have it replaced immediately to avoid damaging the other components of your car. 

Our dealership supplies genuine Ford power steering pumps for some of the most popular models like Falcon, Focus, Mondeo, Ranger, and Transit. Explore our online catalogue to find parts and accessories suitable for your ride. 

What are power steering pumps used for?

Ford power steering pumps are among the components responsible for making your steering wheel easy to turn and maneuver. 

The power steering system was first introduced in the 1950s. They were initially intended for luxury cars, but now they’re a staple feature for nearly all commercial vehicles.

A typical power steering system is composed of a belt, a cylinder, a reservoir, and a rack and pinion. When you turn your steering wheel, the belt and pulley system redirects fluid from the reservoir to the pump, pressuring the fluid and releasing it to the steering rack. 

The steering rack has a piston and a cylinder with two openings on either side. When fluid is released into either of the openings, the piston moves in the opposite direction along with the steering rack. The process effectively changes the angle of the front wheels based on the angle of the steering wheel, allowing you to control your vehicle effortlessly.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of power steering:

  • In the past, vehicles had massive steering wheels to allow the necessary leverage for turning. The invention of power steering has made cars feel lighter and easier to operate.
  • You must react quickly when on the road, and power steering makes it considerably easier to turn the steering wheel if you need to avoid danger.
  • Most modern steering wheels automatically return to the centre position after turning, and power steering is largely responsible for this feature.

It's usually easy to detect if your power steering system is failing. The most common symptom is decreased assistance when steering, but leaks and noises are also indications of issues. If you don’t address the problem immediately, your pump can fail completely, and a bad pump could leave you stranded in a worst-case scenario. Understanding these symptoms can help you resolve the issue right away to avoid additional repair costs:

  • Stiff Steering: If it’s hard to turn your steering wheel, that could indicate a loose belt or a bad power steering pump.
  • Fluid Level: You should regularly check the power steering fluid level to make sure there’s no leak. The best way to inspect for leaks is to park your car in your garage for a few hours before checking under the vehicle for puddles. 
  • Fluid Colour: You can tell if your power steering fluid needs replacing through its colour. New power steering fluid has a pink tone and a mild smell, while bad fluid has a dark hue because of oxidation. If the fluid is bubbling, that could mean that water or air is present in the steering lines. 

It's good practice to check the belt tension on your power steering system regularly. A loose belt may whip off the pulley, while a tight belt can cause it to wear prematurely. As long as you perform proper maintenance, your power steering system should last you a long time. 

If your car is showing any of the symptoms above, consult with an experienced mechanic immediately. If a mechanic confirms that your power steering pump is failing, you should have it replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

It is worth noting that you can still drive with a bad power steering pump, but that doesn’t mean you should. Your steering wheel will get gradually harder to turn, and driving your car with a bad pump can cause further damage to your other components. Moreover, a bad pump will make parking and quick steering incredibly laborious. It can also be a hazard to yourself, pedestrians, and your bank account. Thus, it’s best that you get your power steering pump replaced before it’s too late.

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How to choose the right power steering pump for my Ford vehicle?

Most Ford power steering pumps are manufactured for specific models, so check your vehicle fitment before purchasing. 

Jefferson Ford makes it easy to find the right steering pump for your vehicle. Our intuitive website lets you input your car’s model, year, and variant to get an exhaustive list of parts and accessories compatible with your ride. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our representatives for more information about our stock of Ford power steering pumps and their compatibility. 

Where can I buy the best power steering pump for my Ford vehicle?

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