Power Steering Pumps


Ford power steering pump replacements

Your power steering pump is the heart of your system and enables you to drive and move smoothly. The days of having to wrestle with the wheel are well behind us, with modern innovations allowing us to easily operate our vehicles, without the extra leg work.

With proper care and maintenance, these pumps can last for a long time, even the lifetime of your vehicle. But they need to be properly inspected and maintained, or they could fail, and they should be replaced if your vehicle has high mileage (over 150,000km). When you replace this part of the pump, you should also ensure you are replacing them with genuine Ford parts so that you can be assured you will get the same long life and ease of use.

How do I know when to replace my power steering pump?

Whether you have a Falcon BA, Territory or another model, you'll know it's time for a replacement when it becomes harder and harder to navigate your vehicle. In some cases, however, your vehicle may just need fluid, but because it's not easy to spot at first glance, it's important to get a mechanic's opinion. You may notice other symptoms like a whining noise when you are turning, or your wheel starts to become stiff and slow to respond.

While you will still be able to drive your vehicle with failed parts in this system (albeit will be much more difficult to move and turn), it is not recommended you do so, as the increased heat and friction can cause major damage to your engine.

Access replacement parts backed by quality

Most modern vehicles come with this level of the system as the modern standard, and that includes most models of Ford. These systems enable you to navigate your vehicle with ease and allow you to have total control of navigation, turning and parking. Keeping all of the parts and components maintained, serviced and replaced when necessary is important to ensure you're safe and in control on the roads at all times.

Whether you need seal kits, switches, hoses or any other component, we can have it express shipped to your mechanic.