Engine Mounts

Replace your worn or damaged Ford engine mounts

These designs in your vehicle carry the responsibility of ensuring your engine stays in place, allowing for safe operation on the roads.

The entire system is bolted together so there are usually three mounts to consider: two holding the engine in place and one for the transmission, although sometimes there can be more than this.

These designs generally need to be replaced every five to 10 years and should be inspected at any service for signs of wear or damage. It is also important to ensure oil or other fluid leaks are addressed quickly as these leaks are the leading cause of premature degradation of your parts.

If Ford Territory(or Falcon BA) mounts begin to lose their integrity, your engine and transmission could move and vibrate in the bay which can lead to drops in performance and power and ultimately can cause critical components to become damaged.

How to tell if your engine mounts need replacing

Vibrations through your vehicle – be it a Falcon BA or Territory – are the leading sign that your system could be loose, damaged or broken completely. That is because if they are not in place securely the engine is going to move around the bay and cause these vibrations. The worse these get, the more likely you are to cause damage to other parts of your vehicle  and transmission. Other signs of failing include:

  • Rough starts: Because of the power required to start your Ford, you are likely to experience excessive vibration if the parts are not fixed in place properly.
  • Impact noises: If the system is striking against the bay or chassis of your car it is going to be very loud and pronounced.
  • Visual wear: Your mounts are visible when you pop the hood and you will also notice if these parts have become displaced.

There are many small but essential components in your vehicle that can fail and need to be replaced. Jefferson Ford stocks the full range of official spare parts and components for your system – including timing belts, chains and kits as well as pulleys, engine gaskets and more. Browse our range for the parts and components you need and we will have them delivered express to your mechanic or any location in Australia.