Ford Radiator Expansion/Overflow Tanks

Ford Radiator Overflow Tanks & Bottles

What’s so important about a radiator overflow tank? We all know that the radiator plays a key role in keeping our Ford running at the right temperature, cooling the engine down and preventing expensive damage to our engine and components. You might have already looked for a Ford radiator replacement on our site. But the cooling system in any vehicle is more complicated than that, with many components operating in tandem with one other for optimal performance. One of these critical components is the Ford radiator expansion tank. Your expansion tank ensures you have the right pressure in your system and prevents over-expansion that can cause leaking at best — and major damage at worst.

This radiator coolant overflow tank and bottle is partially filled with air, which means the heated coolant is cushioned and will not over-expand. Another consequence of this is there will not be excessive pressure in the cooling system. Finally, it also acts as a visual guide of how your system works. If the expansion tank level drops or becomes empty, it shows there could be a problem, such as a leak somewhere in this part of your vehicle.

How To Monitor Your Ford’s Radiator Overflow Tank

While your mechanic should regularly inspect your cooling system for any errors, this is one part of your overall engine that is easy to monitor yourself. You will be able to find the radiator overflow tank at the top of the upper-right portion of your engine bay. It is made of semi-clear, durable plastic and will have brightly coloured coolant stored in it.

Pop the hood regularly and check on this radiator expansion tank, especially if you notice that your vehicle is overheating or performing poorly. If the tank and overflow bottles are empty, you will need to fill the radiator with coolant first. Ensure the fluid has cooled completely before trying this. If you then find that your coolant is becoming exhausted quickly and/or your radiator tank is not refilling, you will need to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

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