Power Steering Hoses & Connectors

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Stay in control of your vehicle with a power steering hose

These parts of your power steering system are essential for safe operation, as they transport the fluid required to the rack to the pump from the reservoir in your Ford.

Your system runs using pressurised liquid and there are two main hoses required: the high-pressure one (delivers fluid from the pump to the rack in your vehicle), and a low-pressure one to bring liquid back in the other direction.

If either of these products develops a leak or a crack, then the whole system is compromised, limiting your ability to maneuver the vehicle safely.

Ford Escape and Falcon BA high pressure power steering hoses

The obvious way to tell that something is wrong with this part of your vehicle is that your ability to turn the vehicle is inaccurate and unstable. You may find that the wheel becomes difficult to turn or more resistant which could be as a result of a lack of pressurised liquid moving through it. If this is the case, your vehicle will need to be taken to the mechanic immediately. There are some other symptoms to look out for before this point including:

Leaking fluid: If there is a hole or crack in your Ford power steering hoses, your vehicle will also have a leak in its undercarriage. This fluid is typically red when it is new, but transitions to a reddish-brown and eventually a deeper brown as it ages. Fun fact: it also smells like burnt marshmallows.

A sudden drop in fluids: Make sure you check your fluid levels regularly; just like all the fluids in your vehicle. If you find that these levels are dropping more quickly than normal, take your car to a mechanic for inspection as this could be the hoses, the pump or the reservoir that is faulty.

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