Genuine Ford Sway Bar Links & Associated

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Ford Falcon BA (AU) and Territory sway bars

Ford sway bar links (or stabiliser bar) bushings are a key safety feature of your vehicle, preventing rollovers – even just from the simple act of turning the car.

They are located on the underside of your vehicle and need to be properly maintained or they can lead to road accidents when they begin to wear and fail.

How to know if your need to replace your Ford Territory or Falcon front sway bar links

There are some telltale signs that your sway bar bushes are starting to wear out, including:

  • Degradation of vehicle handling: If you notice that your Ford Territory or Falcon BA (AU) is becoming slow to respond when you are steering this could be a sign that the bushings are wearing out. This is especially pronounced when you are turning corners.
  • Noises from under the vehicle: If you notice any rattling or squeaking noises coming from underneath your Ford that could be an indicator that your bushings need replacing.

Genuine bushings are available through Jefferson Ford for Falcon, Territory Fairlane, Fairmont and LTD series from BA to BF.

If you are noticing any of the signs that your bushings are starting to wear, it is essential to replace them with genuine parts as soon as possible.

Ford sway bar bushes and links are another important component that needs to be monitored and maintained. They are the attachment that connects your sway bar to your suspension system and they are also called stabiliser bars or anti-roll bars.

When these begin to fail, you may notice noises from underneath your vehicle including clunking, knocking or rattling and you will likely hear an increase in road noise as well.

You may also notice additional noises when travelling on uneven roads or going over speedbumps, as well as a decrease in handling when taking turns.

When these links become degraded or damaged, your vehicle will lean more heavily into turns so you may notice some tipping when taking corners or going through roundabouts.

This is obviously a safety issue as without the proper link between your suspension and sway bar you are at much greater risk of rolling your vehicle.

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