Genuine Ford Fuel System Components

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BA Ford Falcon Fuel Parts

The efficient running of any vehicle relies heavily on the fuel system, which stores petrol or diesel, transports it to the cylinder chamber where it is mixed with air. From there, it’s burned to produce the energy required for ignition.

Fuel pumps are the heart of this system, and are responsible for applying the right amount of pressure to deliver the precise volume needed to the combustion chamber. But there are many parts involved in this process, and they all have extremely important roles to play.

We only stock genuine parts, allowing our customers to experience maximum performance wherever possible. This is crucial for systems like your fuel line, which is integral for the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle.

Choosing to install aftermarket or cheaper alternatives often leaves your vehicle vulnerable to failures at the worst possible time.  Meanwhile, these products aren’t as efficient, resulting in poorer fuel economy and unnecessary costs for replacements.

Browse fuel caps and injectors

Our range of genuine products includes:

  • Fuel caps: Ensure you have the right fit for your vehicle and no losses through evaporation. We have locking and non-locking options available.
  • Diesel injectors: These provide the precise levels of pressure needed for the combustion chamber of your car. 
  • Accelerator pedals: If you notice your vehicle hesitates when you engage the accelerator pedal, it could be time to replace it.
  • Inlet manifolds: Ensure the air coming in is evenly distributed amongst all of the cylinders for proper temperature regulation and to prevent overheating.
  • Cut-off valve switches: It’s vital this switch is working correctly at all times to shut off the fuel supply if you are involved in an accident. This could inevitably save your life.
  • Fuel regulators: To ensure you are getting the perfect supply of petrol, even in peak periods of demand, these products achieve the right ratio of fuel and air or optimum performance. 
  • Fuel rails: This rail is how fuel is supplied from your pump to the injectors.

In addition to these parts, we have all of the smaller components that are essential for your system, including:

  • Transmission filler plugs
  • Fuel tank retaining rings
  • Injection pipe assemblies
  • Tank covers
  • Bolts
  • Oil filler caps
  • O-rings
  • Pipes
  • Injector covers

We stock every component you need for your BA Falcon and another model vehicle from our range – so if you don't see it listed, simply ask our expert team or browse through our collection. We will ensure you have genuine parts delivered to your home or business.