Steering Wheels

Ford Steering Wheels

Ford steering wheels are responsible for connecting you to the road. If you’re looking for a genuine replacement for a worn-out steering wheel, you’re in the right place. 

Jefferson Ford offers steering wheel assemblies for popular models like the Mondeo, Everest, and Ranger. We also have steering control panels and steering gear arms in stock to cater to your needs. Explore our online catalogue to find out more about our products. 

How to choose the right steering wheel?

The steering wheel is the most utilised interior component of your vehicle, so comfort should be of prime importance when looking for a replacement. It essentially connects you to your car, enabling you to control its movements on the road. It also provides feedback as to how your vehicle is responding to different surfaces. If your steering wheel is already showing signs of wear, investing in a genuine replacement is a great idea. 

Jefferson Ford provides steering wheels complete with airbags and support for adaptive speed control. Whether you need a complete steering wheel assembly or individual parts for the control panel, we can help you out. Speak with one of our representatives to determine which of our offerings are compatible with your vehicle. 

Ford steering wheels usually come with functions like volume and temperature control. Installing a genuine replacement instead of an aftermarket alternative lets you keep all these functions. Order one from our website today and retain the full functionality of your steering wheel.

The steering wheel significantly impacts your driving experience, so you must choose wisely. The following are some of the factors you should consider before buying a replacement steering wheel:


The diameter of Ford steering wheels typically ranges from 14 inches to 17 inches. Small steering wheels are more comfortable and take up less space, but they require more steering effort. It all boils down to your preferences. 

Grip Circumference

The grip circumference determines how comfortably you can grasp the steering wheel with your hands. Ford steering wheels usually have a grip circumference between 2 3⁄4 inches and 4 1⁄4 inches.


Most Ford steering wheels are made of leather, but suede is another popular option among drivers. Your choice between the two fabrics should depend on your texture preference. 

Bolt Pattern

Make sure your replacement steering wheel features the same bolt pattern as your old one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to mount it on your dashboard. 

Jefferson Ford makes it easy to find the right steering wheel for your vehicle. Simply go to our website and input your car’s model, year, and variant to get an exhaustive list of all the parts and accessories compatible with your vehicle. Alternatively, you can ask for assistance from our dedicated team of experts. Email us at

How to install a steering wheel?

Installing a genuine replacement steering wheel is much more straightforward than installing an aftermarket alternative. It is essentially a bolt-on procedure since the new steering wheel uses the same hub as your old one. However, you must take all the precautionary steps to ensure everything goes smoothly. It is also worth noting that the installation process varies from model to model, but they employ the same principles. 

  1. Unplug the negative battery cable and wait a few minutes before removing your old steering wheel. This step ensures that the airbag doesn’t activate during the procedure. 
  2. Remove the plastic panels on the steering wheel. These panels are usually located on the top, bottom, and around the steering column. 

Make sure you keep track of the screw holes so that you can install the new steering wheel seamlessly. Moreover, you must be extra patient during this step as you will be dealing with a lot of tiny screws.

  1. Ford steering wheels usually have control functions, so you might be required to disconnect wires. Unplugging the battery beforehand ensures you don’t encounter electrical problems during this step. Be careful not to cut any of the cables so that everything remains functional.
  2. After disconnecting all the wires, you should get a clear view of the centre lug nut. This component is responsible for holding the steering wheel in its position. 
  3. Lubricate the centre lug nut and its surrounding area to make sure your new steering wheel maneuvers seamlessly. 
  4. Mount your new steering wheel in place and reinstall all the necessary screws and fittings.

That’s all it takes to install a steering wheel. However, if you plan to do the procedure yourself, make sure you keep the possible dangers in mind. Alternatively, you can let an experienced mechanic handle it for you to minimise the risks.

Where can I buy the best steering wheel for my Ford vehicle?

Jefferson Ford is the best place to find genuine spare parts and accessories for your vehicle. We are the proud recipients of the 2018 Gold Master Dealer of the Year award for our outstanding customer service and sales performance. In addition, we are three-time winners of the prestigious Ford Parts Premiership Cup. 

Our warehouse has thousands of parts, including Ford steering wheels, power steering pumps, starter motors, and alternators. We also have a complete engine and transmission assemblies to assist in even the most demanding repairs.

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