Alloy Wheels


Boost your Performance with Ford Alloy Wheels and Rims

When it comes to your wheels, alloys are incredibly eye-catching – no matter what model Ford you drive. There is more to them than simple aesthetics, though, with our range offering plenty of performance-boosting features for your vehicle.

Traditionally, these have been the domain of car enthusiasts and performance models, but they are now available for a wide range of models, mostly due to the benefits they offer.

The benefits of genuine Ford wheels and rims

Lighter weight: These are much lighter than steel alternatives. This will result in better fuel economy and heat dispersion, while also improving the handling of your car and giving you a lower unsprung mass.

Improved safety: Alloys allow you to accelerate and stop faster than traditional wheels, which makes an enormous difference if involved in an accident. This is also a key factor for those who like to test their vehicle’s performance, and are looking for every gain they can achieve.

Customised: Alloys are available in a wide range of styles, so you can choose the right option for you. They can also be painted for a more personalised touch. They have greater innovations in style and finishes that are not available on steel alternatives.

Rust resistance: They are much more durable and resistant to the elements, whereas steel options may degrade over time.

We also stock a wide range of steel options

While alloys are the preferred option for modern- demands, there are many reasons why people still turn to reliable old steel models. The main reason is that they are more durable and better suited to heavy-duty applications, or for those who do a lot of long-haul driving.

Steel wheels are also a better option when you need extra traction. Thanks to their weight and lowered centre of gravity, they are perfect for winter driving or driving on loose surfaces. They are also more affordable than alloys, which makes them preferable for those with a limited budget.

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Our genuine wheels and rims are a much better choice than aftermarket alternatives, which quickly grow damaged and become worn. Our entire range is also backed with extensive warranties and support from our team – so you can be assured that you are getting quality accessories and components at all times.

We stock everything from mudflaps to protect your tyres, to rubber mats to protect the carpeted floors of your car. Browse through our range today and discover the best genuine Ford products at the best prices.