Alloy Wheels

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Ford Alloy Wheels

Ford alloy wheels are famed for their performance-enhancing properties and appealing visuals. They provide numerous benefits over traditional steel wheels, including improved braking and handling. If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s rims, we can help you with that. 

Jefferson Ford is an award-winning spare parts dealer in Australia. We stock genuine Ford alloy wheels for various car models manufactured by the legendary automotive maker, including the Falcon, Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Ranger, Raptor, Territory, and Transit. Explore our website today, and find the perfect wheels to boost your ride’s visuals and performance.

What are the benefits of using alloy wheels?

In the past, steel wheels were popular among budget consumers because of their affordability and durability. However, manufacturers have applied new casting techniques to produce alloy wheels at lower costs than ever before. As a result, their prices have since trickled down to the point that some entry-level cars use alloy for their stock wheels.

Ford alloy wheels are typically forged from a material mixture of aluminium, nickel, and magnesium. They’re built significantly lighter than steel alternatives to reduce unsprung weight and apply less strain on your suspension system. They also have greater aerodynamic capabilities since they’re easier to mould into any desired shape.

The lightweight properties of Ford alloy wheels allow you to accelerate faster. They also enable your tires to remain in contact with the running surface longer, improving road holding. Moreover, they’re highly effective at dispersing heat away from your tyres and brake components to extend their service life.

We offer genuine Ford alloy wheels in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your style preferences. Our range of alloy wheels went through rigorous testing to meet the stringent standards of engineers from Ford. We also have wheels designed exclusively for the market here in Australia.

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How to choose the right alloy wheels for your Ford vehicle?

Ford alloy wheels not only enhance the aesthetics of your ride but also provide significant performance benefits. Their lightweight composition makes them more fuel-efficient than steel alternatives. Moreover, they’re rust-resistant and available in a wide array of design options, making them ideal for those who want to customise every component of their vehicle.

There are a couple of factors you should consider when choosing alloy wheels:

  • Wheel Size: Make sure the new alloy wheels are the same size as your old wheels. You can also upsize or downsize your wheels as long as your desired diameter and width is compatible with your vehicle.
  • PCD: Pitch circle diameter (PCD) measures the distance between the wheel bolts and the centre of the wheel. It also indicates the number of bolts on the wheel. For example, a PCD of 5×16 denotes that the wheel has a 160 mm diameter, on which there are five evenly-spaced wheel bolts. If you fail to match the PCD with your car’s specifications, you won’t be able to fit the alloy wheels on your vehicle.

To keep your alloy wheels in good condition, clean them with mild soap and water using a soft cloth. You should avoid using harsh household cleaners or detergents to maintain a smooth finish.

Jefferson Ford makes it easy to find compatible alloy wheels for your ride. All you have to do is enter your vehicle’s model, year, and the variant on our website to get filtered results instantly. You can also contact one of our competent representatives to ask for sound advice. Just email us at

We also stock lock nut sets and spare wheel kits for various models. Lock nuts protect your alloy wheels and tyres from theft as they require a unique tool for installation and removal. Order from our online shop today to get quality spare parts and accessories at the best prices. 

Where to buy the best alloy wheels for your Ford vehicle?

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