Alloy Wheels and Associated

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Ford Wheels for Sale

At Jefferson Ford, we’ve got Ford wheels and Ford wheel covers galore to protect and pimp up your car. Not to be confused with steering wheels, wheels for your Ford are those alloy or aluminium coatings that sit inside your tyres. For some, these Ford rims for sale are a mere necessity, while others consider them a fun opportunity to customise their car’s aesthetics. Whether you view these Ford accessories as fun or functional, we’ve got the right one for your specific model of Ford. From Ford wheels to Ford alloy wheel nuts, our accessories for wheels are bound to send you on a roll!

From Ford Fiesta Rims to FG Falcon Wheels

Alloy wheels are not a one-size-fits-all solution. At Jefferson Ford, we go above and beyond to ensure your wheels and rims suit your specific Ford model. We have many Ford Falcon wheels available to suit many iterations of our cunning, majestic bird of a car, including Ford Falcon FG rims. We also have Ford Ranger Mag wheels, as well as a Ford Ranger steering wheel cover to protect that godlike wheel above that determines the direction of the four below. Whichever Ford wheels take your fancy, secure them in place with Ford alloy wheel nuts. Remember, you’re taking them for a roll — they shouldn’t be rolling away!

Also From Jefferson Ford

If you thought accessories for wheels and rims were the exhaustive list of our offerings, think again — you’re only looking at one tiny corner of our catalogue! Jefferson Ford is home to all sorts of aftermarket Ford exterior replacement parts that are indistinguishable from the parts they’re replacing.

Nudge Bars

If you’re like many Ford drivers, you like a bit of adventure and offroad travel. However, when you push beyond the confines of a city slicker, you may endure unexpected obstacles along the way. Enter nudge bars: steel or alloy bars that protect the front of your Ford from collision — or at least soften the blow. Even on established roads, nudge bars can save you a trip to the panel beaters — or a complete write-off.

Headlamp Covers

Speaking of protection, headlamp covers are those unsung heroes that stop stones from damaging your headlamps. Some drivers find aesthetic appeal in these, as well.

Bonnet Protectors

Whether driving off-road or sticking to the streets, your vehicle will brave incidental debris, sticks, stones and more. Our Ford bonnet protectors will deflect all of the above, protecting your car from nature’s less helpful inevitabilities. (Although a bonnet protector performs similarly to a nudge bar in this regard, please note a nudge bar is always your best bet in a collision.)

Shop Our Ford Wheels & Ford Rims for Sale Online

When your Ford has a cog loose, Jefferson Ford is here to help. We are a gold mine of alloy-plated wheels and rims, as well as multiple genuine Ford parts. If you need wheels for your Ford, we urge you to look at our collection of Ford wheels for sale. From Ford Falcon wheels to Ford Fiesta rims, we’ve got you — and your wheels — covered. Shop the full collection online at Jefferson Ford!