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Ford Ranger Diesel and P4AT Engines

This series is one of the hardest working, reliable and durable vehicles in its class and is widely used for heavy-duty applications on job sites and through rugged environments.

They are extremely safe (with a five-star ANCAP rating), competitively priced and can carry a large payload, making them a favoured model in both ute and cab chassis versions across the globe.

There are many different types for the Ford Rangers series and we stock brand-new parts for a wide array of models.

This gives you the option to return your Ranger to almost as-new condition without the need for totally replacing the vehicle.

And all of our parts are delivered to your door within 24 hours as long as we have them in stock. The options we stock include:

Ford Ranger diesel engines

These engines are not only hard-working but extremely quiet and smooth for a diesel model compared to other vehicles. They are efficient for towing and hauling heavy loads but will also deliver a smooth ride around town.

Ford Ranger P4AT motors

Suitable for a wide range of Ford Ranger models including turbo diesel options as well as the BT50 range from 2011 to 2018.

A large variety

There is a wide range of Ford Ranger options available, including the EcoBoost petrol motor, the Duratec petrol version and diesel options that include the EcoBlue and Duratorq versions.

Whatever part or motor you need for your Ford, we can assist. All of our motors are genuine and brand new, coming with a full guarantee as well as our customer service assurance.

Parts and accessories

If you are looking for replacement parts or components for your Ford Ranger without the need to swap out the entire system, Jefferson Ford has a wide range of genuine parts available.

Browse our range to find everything you need, from trims and accessories through to complete options for your Ford.

If we don’t have it listed, contact our team and we will endeavour to source genuine options and have them delivered to your door.