Genuine Ford Battery Replacements

Batteries work by converting chemical energy into electrical energy, then delivering the necessary voltage to your starter motor so that your vehicle will run.

While you are running your vehicle, the alternator will generate enough charge for the battery so that it does not go flat, and you always have power for your electrical system and the operation of your vehicle.

How often should I change it?

Usually, your battery will last up to three years. Beyond that, though, it will degrade to the point where it is unusable. Over time, they hold less and less charge, and as this capacity diminishes the drain on it becomes too much.

The newer your vehicle, the bigger the strain will be

This is important to note. You cannot use a battery that suited an older model of your vehicle, as your model will have more items drawing power from it. 

Each year, there are technological advancements across all of our models. This includes powerful computers to ensure everything is operating smoothly or sensors for automation. These innovations also feature new technologies like parking assist and other items that demand more power from your battery. For these reasons, older battery models aren’t able to deliver the capacity needed for demanding technological features.

Why you should check your battery regularly

You’ll need to inspect this area of your vehicle regularly, whether on your own or at your mechanic.

To do this yourself, pop the hood and look to see if the battery has held its shape. If it is starting to swell or bloat, it will need to be replaced immediately. If there are any leaks, this can be a major hazard and you will need a mechanic or professional to swap it out. Also, look for any corrosion around the terminals, which can lead to faster loss of charge.

Of course, there are the other tell-tale signs you can look for, such as lights (inside and out) that are dimmer than usual, difficulty starting your engine (a click or a slower cranking process) or needing to step on the accelerator to turn your engine over.

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