Genuine Ford AC Compressors

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Replacement air conditioning parts and compressors

For an optimal driving experience, it’s important to keep your car’s heating and cooling system maintained to ensure your comfort for years to come. It’s, therefore, crucial to assess and monitor your vehicle’s compressor pump, as it is the only moving component in your AC system. This means it is most likely to fail over time through constant wear and tear.

Replacing your compressor with genuine options is essential. Cheaper aftermarket options aren’t as durable as those specifically made by our manufacturing process. Because of this, we’re able to ensure durability and quality where alternatives can’t.

How do I know that my AC compressor is failing?

The easiest, most obvious way to know that your AC compressor is on the way out is that your air-con won't be as cold. This can be gradual or it can happen all at once, depending on the level of damage done.

As your compressor is responsible for the refrigerant flow in your vehicle, it will be very noticeable when it’s not performing to the best of its ability anymore. Before it reaches this point, you may notice some other signs – like strange noises, a leak from the bottom of your vehicle, and reduced pressure in your airflow.

We can help you get back on the road again

When replacing integral items for your Falcon, Fiesta or Focus, it is important that you choose genuine options rather than cheaper aftermarket alternatives – which are likely to cause pain and cost you more in the long run.

We only stock genuine products that have been made specifically for your vehicle. Not only will they fit perfectly, but they’ll continue to function properly for the future, eliminating the potential to fork out unnecessary costs for repairs.

If you’re having trouble starting your car, there may be a number of issues at play. You may require a new battery or your spark plugs may need replacing. A faulty alternator could even be to blame.

Another common issue is the starter motor, along with glow plugs  No matter the part in your system, it is important to have all aspects routinely inspected, then replaced accordingly.

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