Ignition Coil & Leads

Falcon BA/AU, Territory and other model coil pack replacements

Ignition coils are also known as spark coils and they are the component that will take the charge from your Ford's battery and amplify it to the high voltage required to ignite your petrol and start your vehicle.

This small but important component has the job of generating around 45,000 volts in modern Fords from a battery that holds just 12 volts. It transforms and multiplies this voltage and provides reliable ignition every time which means you get started smoothly and your system runs reliably and efficiently.

If you are finding that your engine misfires or runs roughly while you are idling, this could be a sign that your Ford Territory or Falcon coil pack needs replacing. The check engine light is also likely to appear on your dash and when the system has undergone a severe fault, you will not be able to start your vehicle.

Coil packs for Ford owners

These high-tension leads are the connection between your distributor and coils and they are responsible for transferring the high voltage spark generated by your spark plugs.

While these leads are highly durable and should last around 100,000km, they can become worn, frayed or damaged over time which can cause issues with your car’s starting ability and general operation. If you are noticing a decrease in the power, acceleration and/or fuel economy of your vehicle you might have an issue with your ignition leads.

Faults in your leads will also generate a check engine light on your dashboard and you can manually inspect these leads yourself to see if there are any signs of wear or damage that could be resulting in the loss of performance. Fortunately, these leads are easy to replace and we can get you back on the road with authentic replacements.

Don’t get caught out

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