Ford driveline transmission parts

At the heart of your Ford is the driveline, a critical component that delivers power from the engine and transmission to your wheels to get your vehicle moving.

There are many different components in this type of system – including the axles, driveshaft, wheels, joints and differentials. If there is a failure at any junction, your car will struggle to move. It is vital to this regularly serviced, especially because there are many different servicing requirements for various models. These variances depend on whether you are driving a front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel drive, or a 4WD model.

How do I know if my Ford drivetrain parts need replacing?

Because there are so many components in your system, there is more scope for things to go wrong – especially if your vehicle is older, has been heavily used or taken through frequent and rough terrain. If you are experiencing any difficulty in controlling your car, that could be a sign that a component in this area of your vehicle is failing. Some of the symptoms you may notice include:

  • Vibrations: This could mean that u-joints, couplers or carrier bearings are worn out and need immediate replacing
  • Difficulty turning: Another sign that you have a problem with your u-joint
  • Clunking noises: This is an indicator that there is damage somewhere in your system
  • Rough acceleration: Loose parts can be to blame for shuddering while you are accelerating
  • Squeaking noises: These will usually occur at low speeds and could be a sign of a lack of lubrication. A bit of grease should fix this, but if left unattended it could cause major damage
  • Clicking noises: If these become more pronounced the harder you steer then you could have failing CV joints.

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