Ford Audio & Electrical Parts


The modern vehicle has a wide range of electrical components to ensure that all of the modern conveniences we have come to enjoy are working correctly. We have everything from electric windows to the computer system at the heart of the vehicle itself.

One of the most common electrical parts that people need replacements for is the central locking remote key, which can often become lost or damaged. We have options designed for all modern models of Ford, and it is recommended that you always keep a spare, just in case.

Along with all of the sensors, wiring, components and other parts that may need replacing, we also stock luxury additions like display screens for your dash, sat-nav, USB inputs and even Ford Ranger roof-mounted DVD players. No after your needs, we can take your driving experience to the next level.

We also stock replacement switches, as many of the modern Ford functions are linked to the electrical system and the dash.

From remote control keys to DVD players and more

If you have any issues with your vehicle’s sound system, we have replacement parts available for everything from the speakers to the switches. We also stock a wide range of cords and cables to allow you to connect devices to your vehicle so you have full control over your sat-nav, DVD player, digital radio, streaming music platforms and more.

If you are looking to travel away to remote locations, we have signal-boosting roof antennas available so you can get a radio signal, even when you are far from home. All of our audio parts are genuine and easy to slot into place, with zero compatibility issues.

Shop our range and know the difference

It doesn't matter what part you need to replace on your vehicle – from wheels to door lock actuators to spark plugs – we have it all. Best of all, we can ship your order anywhere across Australia. All of the components come with a warranty and a guarantee for authenticity and quality.