Genuine Ford Fuel Pumps

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Genuine fuel pumps for Focus, BA Falcon and Ranger

Fuel pumps are a highly efficient piece of engineering that sits in the tank, using advanced electronics and sensors to ensure your vehicle is provided with the right volume of petrol. The more fuel that’s required, the more pressure it will provide to force the petrol into your engine.

By choosing genuine models, you’re able to enjoy a sense of quality that ensures they last several hundred thousand kilometres. When it comes time to replace them, we have genuine options available right here.

The signs that show you need a new Ford fuel pump

Before your product reaches the point of failure, you should be aware of the signals that your system is damaged or degrading. Keeping an eye on these signs ensure you’re able to replace it before you land yourself in hot water when you’re out and about.

If there is a crack or split, then the part itself is likely to make a loud whining sound, generally audible around the fuel tank. You will also start to notice a range of other factors, like difficulty starting your vehicle, a sputtering engine, power loss or surging volumes, and much lower efficiency. This typically means you’ll have difficulties restarting your vehicle.

Can a car continue to drive with a faulty pump?

These parts are extremely tough and durable, but if they become faulty then it won’t be long until you’ll need to pull over. In fact, you’ll be forced to, as it’s likely your vehicle won’t run at all. If you notice any faults, you should get to your mechanic immediately. Depending on your driving style, a pump can last the entire life of your vehicle – especially if they’re genuine.

However, contamination in your fuel line and overheating of your engine are the two leading causes of failure, although the gears in these can degrade over time.  Overall, they should be inspected regularly, with special attention when your car clocks up over 200,000km.

Opt for quality replacements that prevent a rehaul

If you are looking for any replacement part for your system, without the need for a completely new pump, we have you covered. We have assemblies, wiring harnesses, gaskets, sensors, hoses and everything else you need to ensure that your system is working optimally and correctly.

From fuel rails and fuel regulators , through to a variety of premium accessories, we have all bases covered for all our models –  including Focus, Falcon and Ranger. Everything you need for your engine’s interior and exterior is here, available at highly competitive prices.