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Ford Ranger Injection Pumps

Across the line, systems like this are used to deliver fuel into the cylinders and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Its role is to pressurise the fluid, deliver it at high pressure into the combustion chamber and also keeps the diesel flow rhythm consistent to keep your vehicle’s performance running smoothly and efficiently well into the future.

How to know if you need to replace your injection pump

While there is no set maintenance or servicing schedule for the injection pump, it is important to monitor its performance to ensure it is running correctly.

There are several telltale signs that your fuel pump could be in need of replacement.

If you are having difficulty starting your vehicle, or the system splutters when starting or driving, these are primary signs that the part could be failing.

You will also experience poor petrol mileage, stalling when the engine gets hot, whining noises or the vehicle will not start at all.

This type of component is essentially going to deliver less and less fuel to where it needs to be and you will notice progressively faltering performance as the damage gets worse.

By recognising when the part is on the way out, you can replace it before it fails and make sure that you are not left stuck with a stalled vehicle.

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