Wheels Bearing & Hubs


Ford Falcon wheel bearings

One of the most important parts of your assembly is a part that you are never likely to actually see - the wheel hub bearing.

This is a unit that allows your tyres to spin freely and are vital for the turning, handling and overall safety of your vehicle and need to be regularly inspected and replaced when they are showing signs of wear.

How do I know if my Ford wheel bearing hub is about to fail?

This is a good question because it is not a part you can see or easily inspect by simply popping the hood. You need to know the signs a bearing hub is about to go bad and fortunately there are some key things to look out for.

There are some very noticeable and aggressive noises associated with bad bearings, including chirping or grinding when you try and turn while you may also hear or feel clicking, clunking or knocking. As the hub gets progressively worse, you may notice wobbles, vibrations and other vibrations when the car is in motion. This is the case for all models, whether you own a Ford Falcon (BA), Territory or other make.

Why choose genuine Ford wheel bearing replacements?

It can always be tempting to choose a cheaper option, no matter what you are purchasing. But choosing after-market components is a risk not worth taking as they will compromise the safety and integrity of your Ford, and may not suit your specific Falcon (BA) or Territory.

Cheaper options have been known to cause anti-lock braking systems to fail. They are also not manufactured to same standards as official parts so they can let in moisture and contaminants that can cause degradation. Often, they last as long as official Ford units, and there have even been cases of them coming separate from the wheel while driving.

It is not worth the risk and official Ford wheel bearing hubs from Jefferson Ford come at highly competitive price points anyway, preventing much more expensive damage or consequences from choosing cheaper options.

If you notice some of the issues associated with faulty parts like this, get your car to the mechanic as quickly as you can. It will be safe to drive immediately to the mechanic, but not for extended periods of time so if you are a large distance away, consider a tow truck. We can have any parts you need – from sway bar links to suspension replacements – delivered directly to your mechanic in the meantime.