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Genuine Ford weathershields

Is there anything better than driving along, windows down, and the warm Australian air blowing through your hair? We know there's nothing quite like the feeling. Or maybe you’re more of a beach-drive-at-night person, with a warm and sandy breeze proving particularly enjoyable in the summertime.

However you like to drive, there are some disadvantages to driving exposed to the elements, such as rain seeping in, dirt kicking up, or fumes passing through from the driver in front. Whilst it can feel great, you may be susceptible to less pleasant elements that may end up inside your car, especially if you forget to roll your windows up after parking (we’ve all done it). 

Thankfully, Jefferson Ford have you covered. Our genuine range of weathershields delivers superior protection from the outside world, whilst still allowing the breeze to flow in.

Keep the weather out

Our shields act as a protective barrier over the top of your windows, allowing you to open them and not suffer at the hands of the external environment. We recommend you install these in conjunction with our external window shades, perfect for keeping the sun out and the car cool whilst parked.

A few additional benefits include:

  • Protection from the sun's rays during warm/ high-UV days
  • Limiting harsh gusts that hit your car, causing potential damage over time
  • Allowing you to open windows whilst travelling at high speeds
  • Anti-fog properties that allow you to circulate air through your car to prevent windscreen fog, even during winter
  • Provision of a diffusive surface to spread the impact of oncoming air – great for use alongside an exterior dust deflector

In addition, a weathershield will enhance the look of your vehicle by providing a sleek, tight-fitting look made specifically for your vehicle, whether you drive a Courier, Mondeo or Territory, whilst also protecting you from the hot summer breeze and the chilly winter draughts.

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