Genuine Ford Thermostats & Housings

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Keep your vehicle from overheating with our Ford thermostats

The thermostat is a small but highly important component of your Ford, whether you have a Focus, Falcon, Territory or another model. This is because it is an inexpensive part to replace but can cause large amounts of damage if left unchecked.

This device sits between your engine and radiator and it controls the flow of coolant depending on what your vehicle needs. It will block the flow of coolant when the engine is warming up and then apply the correct amount of liquid as required.

When this part breaks down, though, it can stop the flow of coolant completely, which can lead to overheating which puts pressure on every element of your engine.

It can cause individual components to fail, can lead to the casing to warp and crack and can lead to extremely expensive failures like the head gasket breaking, burning oil and coolant and ultimately leading to a complete engine replacement.

How do I know I need a Ford Falcon (BA) thermostat replacement?

The difference between a broken part like this and a faulty radiator is usually how the temperature changes on the gauge in your vehicle.

When the thermostat is failing you are likely to see it return extremely high readings within the first 15 minutes of driving, tell you that your vehicle is overheating and act erratically by fluctuating between cool and hot in rapid periods of time. If you are noticing coolant leaks under your vehicle, that could also be a sign you have a faulty thermostat, or it could be the housing that surrounds it has cracked.

The importance of inspecting and replacing your Ford thermostat housing

While it is important to inspect and replace this part in your vehicle regularly, it is also important to remember that the housing also needs attention and can cause problems with your vehicle.

This housing is completely independent of your thermostat, acting as a cover that allows water to enter and exit the motor via the radiator. If this part of the system is cracked or warped through damage or just old age, it can lead to leaking and incorrect cooling in your vehicle.

The good news is that if the housing is broken, but the thermostat is intact, you will only need to replace the housing. Jefferson Ford can supply official replacement parts across this range, including heating and cooling components – delivered directly to your mechanic.