Differential Gaskets & Seals

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Ford front differential seal replacements

In each model of Ford, there is a range of different seals to prevent liquids, air and contaminants from leaking through to areas of the vehicle where they shouldn't. These parts will degrade over time and need to be routinely replaced.

Official Ford parts are the best solution for any seal as they are going to fit perfectly, last longer and stand up to more punishment than third-party options. Our range is also designed to be affordable, and we can deliver all products to your mechanic for easy, rapid installation.

Symptoms that this part of your system may be failing include howling or whining noises coming from your engine that are a sign that air is running through parts where they shouldn't. You may also notice check engine lights because of low fluid levels which should be inspected by your mechanic immediately.

We stock a wide range of components to keep your engine in the best working order, including:

●      Front differential seals

●      Driveshaft seals

●      Front servos

●      Gasket seals

●      Full gasket replacement kits

●      Camshaft seals

●      Gallery plugs

●      Oil seal assemblies

●      O-rings

●      Axle gasket repair kits and much more.


Each of these components has been engineered to keep each bay in your vehicle separate and to protect your vehicle's mechanics from exposure to the elements. Official components are built tough and are designed to last the lifetime of a vehicle although they can become damaged over time - especially in high-mileage vehicles like a Ranger.

Do not risk the integrity of your vehicle's engine and the validity of your warranty with inferior third-party components. Jefferson Ford only stocks official parts and components, ensuring you're on the road when you need it most.

Keep your vehicle on the road

There are numerous components in any model that keep all of the major parts connected, and when these fail, they can cause extensive damage. It is important to monitor each of these components at every inspection and regularly replace items like tail shafts and joints before they degrade to the point where they could fail. All of our components come guaranteed and are 100 percent official, so you can be assured they will be hardworking and long-lasting.