Genuine Ford Water Pumps & Associated

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Keeping your vehicle running at a constant temperature is extremely important to prevent overheating. Damage to your engine block and all of the parts and components that make your Ford function can be costly.

Your water pump is like the heart of your vehicle, pumping cooling from the radiator through hoses and around your engine, before returning to the radiator so that your machine can remain at ideal temperatures for maximum performance.

How often should I replace my water pump?

This is a significant part of your engine and should be checked by your mechanic for signs of wear and degradation at every service. Your pump will last around 100,000km on average, depending on the volume and type of driving you are doing. It is due for replacement around the same time as the timing belt.

When it’s time for a replacement…

Your mechanic should notice signs of damage and wear during inspections and advise that it be replaced on the spot. Sometimes, though, this damage can occur between services, and there are some signs you should look out for that could indicate a faulty or failing product.

You can inspect the part yourself and look for any signs of degradation, including rust, build-ups of deposits or corrosion. If you can see apparent damage or degradation, then book your vehicle in for an inspection immediately. Another visible symptom is your coolant that your system transports around the car. If the water pump, pipe or hose fails, you will notice coolant leaks coming from underneath your vehicle, mainly near the centre towards the front.

If one of the pulleys guiding your system becomes damaged or loose, you could notice a whining sound from the engine, steam coming from your radiator and overheating.

Inspecting and maintaining the major components of your engine is extremely important for the efficiency and safety of your vehicle – no matter the model you own. As well as these major components, there are many smaller parts that are just as important and we have replacement options designed to suit your needs. Choose from pulleys, timing belt kits, drive belts and tensioners and much more. All of our parts are genuine and can be posted to any location in Australia, including your preferred mechanic.