Ford Bonnet Protectors

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Even a new vehicle can begin to age quickly if it is exposed to the elements without any kind of shield supporting it. Ford bonnet protectors are a simple acrylic panel that fits the front of your vehicle, offering a barrier from road debris, dust, rocks, sticks and much more.

These panels work by deflecting these elements not to strike the exterior or windshield, instead travelling harmlessly over the top of your vehicle. They’re exceptionally designed to suit models like the Ford Focus, Ranger, BA Falcon, Territory, Ranger and more.

Many vehicles these days come with bonnet protectors installed, but like any part (especially those exposed to the elements) they can become weak, cracked and broken over time. We offer genuine replacements that will give you maximum protection for longer, in comparison to third-party options. You can be assured that our designs will fit your vehicle exceptionally, all the while safeguarding it both now and into the future. 

Beyond bonnet protectors – explore a range of additional safety features

We have many options available that will help you safeguard your vehicle, yourself and your passengers when on the road. Our range includes:

Bull bars: Many people think that bull bars are exclusively for those who take their vehicle off the road, but they offer many safety features for people in the city. While a bull bar protects your Ford and passengers during an impact, it will also help deflect rocks, sticks, and other road debris that can cause damage to your paint or windshield.

Dust deflectors: This simple bar rests at the rear of the vehicle above the window and uses your vehicle’s aerodynamics to prevent dust and moisture particles from entering your interior. This will help you to keep your interior looking newer for longer, make cleaning more comfortable and also protect the driver and passengers from inhaling potentially harmful particles.

Headlamp covers: These help prevent your lights from getting dull or cloudy from access to road dirt over time, ensuring you always have clear vision in any conditions.

All of our products are genuine in craftsmanship and designed to be more durable than third-party options. Best of all, they are available at affordable price points, all across Australia. Shop our range and we will ship it straight to your home or mechanic so you can have them installed immediately.