Genuine Ford Drive Belts & Tensioners

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Ford drive belts and tensioners – Falcon, Fiesta, Focus and Territory

Drive belts work in conjunction with a number of other parts, including the alternator, power steering and even your air-conditioning. This is accomplished through a series of these products, which link mechanical components, rotating shafts and transmit power.

These designs are held in place by pulley-mounted tensioners, which keep them in place and provide tension, so they are able to work at their best efficiency. Over time, both your drive belts and tensioners can degrade from the heat and friction in your engine bay, and they need to be regularly inspected and replaced as required.

How do I know if my drive belt has seen better days?

You may have noticed a squealing noise coming from your engine bay, especially when you start the vehicle. This could be a sign that your parts are damaged or do not have enough tension and are slipping on the pulleys.

The first parts of your vehicle to fail from this area of your system are likely to be your power steering and air-conditioning, so if either of these stops working, get your Ford to the mechanic immediately.

Engine overheating is also a sign that your parts are not working properly, while excessive engine heat – caused by something else – can also cause rapid degradation. You can also manually inspect them yourself and check for any visible cracks or other signs of deterioration.

It is extremely important to regularly inspect these, as when they fail, they can cause extensive damage to other parts of your engine. They can also potentially cause an accident if you lose control of your vehicle.

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