Genuine Ford Pulleys

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Under the hood of your vehicle is an intricate system of major parts – belts that connect them and an idler pulley bolt system to ensure the whole system is in place and moving smoothly.

These parts need to be inspected and replaced before they fail. When they break, it can cause extensive damage if the metal chains or belts come loose. This is especially the case if it happens during high speeds, leaving them to rattle through the engine bay of your Ford.

For Ford Territory, Ranger, Focus and more

Luckily, we stock a wide range of different power steering pump pulleys and accessories, including:

Idler and bolts for Ford Ranger, Focus and more: These products are responsible for your engine drive belts’ smooth operation and applying the right levels of tension. If they become worn or loose, you may notice a squealing sound from the belts trying to gain traction. If these fail, it can cause damage to your engine.

Crankshaft: This is mounted on the crankshaft end and is used to operate the belts that run your engine accessories like your heating and cooling and your alternator. When this begins to fail, you will notice some of the accessories will also start to fail. If your alternator cannot provide enough charge, your vehicle will not start. If left unchecked, it can lead to major complications like power steering pump failure and transmission damage.

Tensioner: These increase the wrapped value on your belt drives to ensure they have a constant tension for maximum efficiency. If you hear grinding or squeaking coming from your system, then a faulty part in this area could be responsible. If your parts are wearing out faster than usual, it could also be a sign of a damaged tensioner.

Power steering pump: Responsible for delivering constant power to your power steering, this belt can impact your ability to drive if it fails. You may notice a burning smell from the engine if this part has failed, choppy or jumpy steering or your steering may fail completely.

Jefferson Ford has the full range of replacement parts for this aspect of your vehicle, including crankshafts, bolts and belts. We also have timing belts, tensioners and other parts like transmission hoses. All of our options are genuine, providing better performance, durability and efficiency than third-party alternatives on the market.