Ford Radiator, Heater & Cooling System Hoses


Ford radiator hoses and pipes

When you consider that your engine bay can reach temperatures exceeding 100 degrees celsius, proper cooling is vital to prevent damage to important components in your vehicle.

Your Ford's cooling system pipes will help remove this excess heat from the engine, maintain the temperature at the optimum level for greatest efficiencies and also help bring the engine to the correct temperature as quickly as possible.

While your radiator is doing the heavy lifting, the parts attached to it are delivering the cooling benefits to where they need to be and are vital components of your vehicle.

The upper radiator is where the hot coolant is removed from your engine and filtered through the radiator so it can cool down and be ready for reuse.

The lower radiator sucks this coolant out of the radiator through the water pump, extracting the chilled coolant and sending it back into the engine where it can maintain the temperature again.

What kind of Ford cooling system pipes or heater hoses do you need?

There are many different types of radiator hoses as well to suit different makes and models of vehicles. For example, a Ford Fiesta will use a silicone induction design, Cortina's and Territory's will use moulded hoses and flex designs are more common in the range.

The average lifespan of a radiator hose is about five years, although this can be longer if you are vigilant in servicing your vehicle and ensuring the coolant is kept topped up and routinely replaced.

But these parts can become cracked and develop leaks which will reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system and can lead to major damage to your vehicle and also reduced performance.

Like any consumable part in your vehicle, Ford heater hoses need to be regularly inspected and replaced if they are showing signs of wear or damage.

Jefferson Ford has official radiator parts available to suit all types of Ford vehicles so you can be assured they are the right fit for your model, designed to meet the needs of your specific engine and tested to stand the test of time as long as you properly maintain your vehicle.