Genuine Ford Transmission Coolers & Parts

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End-to-end Ford transmission oil cooler solutions

When it comes to 4WD vehicles, we tend to put them under a bit more stress than the average car. Most 4WDs are being purchased to carry heavy loads for work purposes, to attach trailers too, to saddle up caravans for fantastic, long-range holidays and to take off the road and explore the Australian outback and all of the wonders there are to see.

That is why Ford transmission oil coolers are so essential because the fluid is designed to heat up under heavier loads; you need to keep the temperature low to prevent damage to your system. These components also ensure the fluid stays in good condition for longer so you don’t get stuck on the road or out in the bush.

Ford Falcon transmission cooler lines and accessories

These are the lines in your vehicle that connect your transmission to the radiator. The hot fluid is transported to the external or radiator-integrated cooler where the temperature is decreased and then brought back to the origin for smooth operation.

When these start to leak, however, it is essential to have it quickly replaced before you lose your fluid, which can lead to major damage. You can inspect your Ford’s oil cooler hose assembly and system structure to assess if there’s any damage, but there are also other signs that indicate you are losing this fluid. If you are noticing it is sharper or harder to change gears, it could be a reflection of your system working in overdrive to compensate for a lack of fluid. As this overheats, eventually the transmission will stop working entirely.

Ford oil cooler hose assembly

No matter which part you are looking for, our team can assist with quality genuine replacements that will have you back on the road in no time. We stock components that complete your system across the entire spectrum – including gaskets, rings tubes, cooler lines and more. Explore a range that covers everything from individual parts all the way up to full assemblies.

While these products are designed to make your fluid last much longer, it is still essential to regularly check it so you know when to replace it. With a quality Ford Falcon transmission cooler in full-swing (or for any other model), you should be able to travel several thousand kilometres, while the fluid should still remain intact. When it starts to get darker in colour – shifting from its usual red – and heads towards being black, it is time to replace it all.