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Protect your Engine with our Genuine Ford Air Filters

Sometimes it is the small and most innocuous parts that can be the most critical in your engine. Your air filters certainly fit into that category, as they are the barrier that stops dirt, dust and other outside contaminants from entering your engine bay and causing enormous damage.

Replacing these regularly with genuine options has many benefits, as the filters are designed to provide optimal fuel efficiency and improve your acceleration. Having clogged filters, however, will reduce the volume of air required for combustion that’s coming into your engine.

A poor air-to-fuel ratio will cause more issues than having just a bad fuel economy. The extra pollution in your engine is going to impact parts like your spark plugs, causing your vehicle to idle, poorly misfire and increase your emissions, so your car may belch black smoke out of the exhaust.

Over time, this will impact many components of your engine, like your cylinders and pistons. Having genuine replacements regularly fitted at your inspections is therefore extremely important.

Check out our genuine range of filters

We stock genuine products to suit a wide range of our models, including Falcon, Ranger, Focus or Territory, so that you can be ready for your next service.

Don’t trust the ongoing reliability and safety of your engine with third-party alternatives. We deliver official options to you at an affordable price. We also stock a wide range of components for your next service, so that you can prepare ahead, including:

Cabin filters: There are many contaminants from the road and the environment that can get into your interior, like dust, pollen, mould and bacteria. Cabin filters help to stop them from infiltrating this area, reducing the risk of passengers falling ill.

Fuel filters: These operate on the same theory, except they are to protect your fuel from getting contaminated with things like dirt and dust, which can reduce your performance and fuel efficiency while also damaging your engine.

Drive belts: These are the belts that connect your important components like your alternator, power steering, air-conditioning and more to your crankshaft. They will need to be replaced routinely in your services.

Service kits: Full kits are available for your specific model, with everything you will need for your next service. This brings the cost down and makes it extremely easy and affordable to have genuine parts ready for your mechanic when your service is due.

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No matter what you need for your model, you will find genuine parts in our range – including everything from individual lugs and nuts, all the way up to major products and even total engine fit-outs.

You will be assured of quality and have the peace of mind that comes with our warranty. Plus, we can have all parts shipped to your mechanic or home, anywhere in Australia.