Seat Belts

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Ford AU driver’s seat belts for maximum protection on the road

It goes without saying that these designs are the most important safety components in your vehicle. Your car has been stringently tested to ensure maximum protection for the driver and passengers, with these parts of your vehicle acting as an integral part of that process.

It is important that your Ford Falcon seat belts – or other make and model – in 100 percent working order. Avoiding this means they don’t offer peak performance as required, and can even pose a risk to those utilising the vehicle. As a result, they are less effective in the advent of an emergency; it only takes a tiny cut of around 5mm to compromise the integrity of the design.

This is why it is crucial to have yours regularly tested and replaced when there are signs of damage. You don't want to find out in an accident that your vehicle’s safety compliance isn’t up to scratch.

How often should I replace my Ford Falcon’s seat belts?

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, it is imperative that you have yours inspected at least annually as there are a number of factors that can cause them to degrade.

For example, fine dust can cause the clips and buckles to fail over time, while solar radiation from the sun can cause the structure to become weaker.

If high tension has been used to secure a child’s safety seat, this is also going to cause wear and tear in general at a much faster rate. If you are constantly in and out of your vehicle, unbuckling and buckling can also accelerate this process as well. Additionally, tampering from children and pets also poses inevitable damage. For all of these reasons, we recommend opting for Ford Falcon seat belt replacements sooner, rather than later – as soon as you notice signs of wear.

How do I know if my Ford AU driver’s seat belts aren’t working?

There are many telltale signs these components are not working as effectively as they should. The obvious one is that they are not tense and hang loosely off you no matter how much you adjust it. Be sure to inspect the webbing as this is where nicks and small cuts are most likely to occur. Wear in a buckle should be obvious as well, it may not connect as easily or may come loose while you are in motion. General wear and tear is typically easy to spot.

If your vehicle has been in an accident, they should be replaced urgently.

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