Genuine Ford Roof & Center Console Parts

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Ford overhead console parts

The driver’s seat of your vehicle is where all of the action happens, including all safety measures.

To ensure you’re keeping you and your passengers out of danger, there are plenty of instruments that need to be working perfectly at all times as well as overhead consoles and compartments to store vital equipment. Everything should be within arm’s reach and all alerts and warnings clear so that you can take action if any part of your Ford fails. Luckily, we have everything you need to ensure this aspect of your vehicle is in top working order.

Access quality Ford instrument cluster, glove box and console parts

New casings and panels

Sometimes it’s not always the electronics that fail in your Ford, it is the structural casings that house them. Minor accidents, mishaps involving pets and children – there are myriad ways the console can become cracked or broken which can be highly inconvenient.

Jefferson Ford stocks replacement overhead console assemblies, glove box components, lids and hatches. Ensure your electronics are free from harm at all times with our innovative range.

Full instrument panels

When something in your Ford Territory instrument panel goes wrong, it needs to be fixed quickly. Any dial, light or other instruments that have failed are going to make it unsafe to drive and also render your vehicle unroadworthy, which can lead to fines from the authorities as well.

Often it is best to replace the entire panel to ensure that everything is working correctly and you are getting accurate metrics and warnings while on the road. We can provide a complete instrument panel for your vehicle, delivered straight to your mechanic so you can have it replaced quickly.

Accessories to help make your drive easier

As well Ford overhead console parts and glove box components, our collection is also home to a range of accessories that will help you out on the road.

We stock insulation bags so you can keep your lunch or dinner nice and fresh during long commutes or for keeping drinks hot/cold on the road. We also stock auxiliary power point sockets to suit models of Falcon and Territory, and we often have new accessories popping up so be sure to check our website regularly.