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Ford transmission replacement parts for sale online

If this part of your system has failed you before, we recommend replacing it through our innovative range of genuine parts.

Experience Ford gearboxes for sale, as well as transmission replacements designed to suit this iconic line, including the ever-popular Ranger.

When should you invest in Ford gear shift replacements?

In many cases, a refit of your entire automatic transmission assembly is not required. There are many individual components that can fail and Jefferson Ford Parts has official parts that can quickly solve the issues you are experiencing. We stock a range of components including:

●      New gear sticks: Change gear automatic transmission assemblies to suit FG models from 2008-11 and MKII models from 2011-14. Options are also available for the Everest models from 2015 onwards and the Ranger series after 2011.

●      Control modules: To replace the electronic mechanism responsible for sending signals to your automatic transmission and regulating the smooth changing of gears.

●      Brake bands: The band responsible for stopping or braking the drum in your automatic transmission assembly. Over time these bands can wear out and cause your system to become faulty, requiring a replacement.

●      Exhaust valves: It is important to have these regularly checked as they are exposed to the highest temperatures and will wear out faster than other components in your automatic transmission. If you notice that your fluid is leaking or you can smell a burning smell and are experiencing issues with changing gears, a failed valve is the likely problem. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy repair without the need to replace the entire system.

●      Transmission pan filter: Suitable for Ford Falcons and Territories, this is the component responsible for collecting dirt and other debris and ensuring they don't get mixed in with the fluid. These need to be regularly cleaned and replaced.

We also stock parts from small components all the way up to engines for a range of models including the Falcon, Eco, Fiesta, Everest and Ranger. All of our products are genuine and we offer full guarantees at highly competitive price points. Browse our range today for any component or replacement you need and we will have it delivered rapidly to your mechanic or doorstep.