Authentic mudflaps for sale – for Territory, Ranger and more

Mudflaps (or mudguards) are a simple addition to your car, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to the longevity of your vehicle.

Made from basic squares of rubber, these provide a barrier between your vehicle and road debris, like rocks, stones, glass and bits of metal. These can chip away at your paint job, and cause dents and scratches that make your vehicle look old and tired in a short period of time.

Another function of these guards is to stop mud, water and slush from getting into your wheel assembly, causing build-ups on your axles, braking system and other components. This can lead to damage and corrosion over time. Without proper, genuine parts like this in place, all of these mechanical components can become damaged in a very short period of time, which can lead to expensive repairs or dangerous failures while you are driving.

It is important to only get authentic Ford products for your vehicle, as they are going to be shaped to perfectly fit and protect your model. Jefferson Ford has authentic options that are competitively priced and that will provide the ultimate in protection.

How do I know if my mudflaps need replacement?

Often this will be fairly obvious. There will be noticeable damage like cracks or tears and they may have come dislodged as well. This can cause major problems for your tyres if there is debris striking them, getting in behind them and impacting your axle and braking mechanisms. A loose part like this can also rub against your tyre and dramatically reduce its integrity as well.

When a mudflap is only slightly out, it can still cause big problems. If they are not correctly aligned, that means the loose or dislodged part is going to cause additional drag – which can make a big hit on your fuel economy.

Then there are other motorists to consider. Loose parts can cause additional spray which can impact the visibility of drivers behind you in inclement weather. These mudflaps also have the potential to cause damage and harm if they come loose completely at speed and strike another vehicle.

They should be inspected at every service for any signs of wear, and replaced before it reaches the point where you can see major damage. You must also replace them before they get dislodged or even slightly loose from your Ford.

Get the full range of genuine replacement parts and components

We stock all of the protective and decorative elements for your vehicle, including centre caps as well as the complete range of protective replacements or additions for your car’s exterior, including bonnet protectors.

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