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Ford Mudflaps

Ford mudflaps offer protection from dirt, sand, and rocks to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. So if you’re tired of hearing road debris chip away at your fender wells and under chassis, we can help.

Jefferson Ford is an award-winning spare parts dealer in Australia. We stock genuine Ford mudflaps for old and new models, including Escape, Everest, Falcon, Fiesta, Focus, Kuga, Ranger, and Territory. Explore our online catalogue to find compatible accessories for your vehicle. 

If you want your car to last a long time, you should take all the necessary steps to keep it in good running condition. You should make sure everything is properly maintained, from the paint to the engine bay. One of the ways to preserve the exterior is by investing in mudflaps.

Do mudflaps make a difference?

In addition to preserving your vehicle’s exterior, mudflaps can also protect under chassis components like the axles and coil-overs. You must take good care of these components, as they’re prone to rust and corrosion. If you regularly drive over mud, dirt, rocks, and sand, mudflaps are pretty much essential. 

Jefferson Ford offers a wide range of mudflaps to suit your budget and preferences. We also stock rivets, clips, splash shields, heat shields, air deflectors, and fender guards to make your exterior panels look brand-new. Shop on our website today. 

Ford mudflaps are inexpensive solutions to various car problems. They’re worthwhile investments that can save you precious time and money on repair costs. They’re especially ideal for people who often take their vehicles on expeditions in the outbacks of Australia.

Mudflaps essentially act as barriers between your tyres and fender wells. Although your fender wells do an excellent job of containing dirt and debris, they can accumulate serious damage after a prolonged period of time. Moreover, they don’t extend down to the tyres, causing debris to hurl towards cars behind you. 

Some people abstain from installing mudflaps because they believe they affect the aerodynamics of their cars. On the contrary, mudflaps don’t contribute drag, as long as they’re correctly installed behind the tyres. 

In summary, the following are the numerous benefits of installing Ford mudflaps on your vehicle:

  1. They offer a lot of protection for your dollar
  2. They keep your exterior clean by catching tyre splashback
  3. They prevent scratches, dings, and dents caused by debris
  4. They prevent the build-up of grime on your under chassis components
  5. They reduce your car’s splash radius to avoid debris from hurling towards vehicles behind you
  6. They don’t affect the aerodynamics and mileage of your vehicle
  7. They’re highly customisable to suit the appearance of your vehicle

Take advantage of these benefits by ordering Ford mudflaps from our website! Our intuitive online store promises a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. There’s no better place to find genuine spare parts and accessories than Jefferson Ford.

How to choose the right mudflaps?

When choosing Ford mudflaps, make sure they’re designed specifically for your vehicle to prevent compatibility issues. For example, incompatible mudflaps might rub against the road when you drive, causing drag and affecting fuel efficiency. 

If you have a raised suspension system, you should get long mudflaps to ensure adequate coverage. The ideal length should reach the midsection of your tyres. Meanwhile, the width should be roughly the same as your tyres.

Mudflaps are made of different materials that provide different degrees of flexibility and durability. Heavy-duty mudflaps are typically made of polyurethane, which is highly effective at deflecting debris. They’re also elastic, which means they can bend and twist with the vibrations of your car.

Jefferson Ford makes it easy to find the right mudflaps for your car. Our website enables you to input your vehicle’s model, year, and variant to get filtered results instantly. Moreover, all our products are strategically categorised to help you find what you’re looking for with ease. Browse our online catalogue today!

Where can I buy the best mudflaps for my Ford vehicle?

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Our Ford mudflaps come in a variety of designs to suit your style preferences. They ensure worry-free driving while improving the looks of your vehicle. 

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