Genuine Ford Fog Lamps, Lamp Trims & Bezels


Gain full visibility with authentic Ford fog lights

When you take your vehicle through different parts of Australia, you will encounter various kinds of weather conditions that can reduce visibility. Dust, smoke, fog, haze, pollution, rain and even snow can all limit your vision of the road and your regular lights can just create a glare that makes visibility even poorer.

Ford fog lamps – like our XR6, Territory or Falcon (BA) fog lamps and bezels – work differently to normal beams by angling the light at an acute angle with the road which cuts through the environmental hazard and allows you to see ahead. Genuine designs cut through even the densest fog with no glare or reflection and are an essential safety feature because these environmental hazards can often pop up without warning.


Fog light replacements for Ford XR6, Falcon (BA) or Territory

We can assist you with full light assemblies for new installations or replacements so that you can have peace of mind when hitting the road. We offer full kits or individual components including:

●      Lamps: These designs sit just beneath the main headlights. You can easily access them by popping the hood of your vehicle and removing the electrical assembly from the back of the bulb, before pressing the release tab to get the old bulb out. High quality, official fog lamps will provide you with thousands and thousands of hours of operating life, but always ensure you have a spare available just in case.

●      Trims: The Ford fog lamp trims around your lights can become cracked and damaged and it is important these are replaced to prevent damage from occurring to the bulb itself.

●      Bezels: This is essentially the casing around the entire fog light assembly that is going to prevent road debris from damaging your bulb. Ensure you are getting the right fit and the best standards with official parts.

Across our range, we stock authentic, official parts to replace XR6, Territory, Ford Falcon (BA) or other models’ fog lights, lamps, bezels and trims. All of these are official products, are backed by guarantees and can be delivered straight to your door or to your mechanic.

Achieve clear visibility in any conditions with official parts from our website or brick-and-mortar store now.