Genuine Ford Wiper Motors & Wiring

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Maximize visibility on the roads with Ford wiper replacements

There are many safety components in your Ford and some of them we can tend to take for granted. Our windscreen wipers, for example. We assume they are going to function when we turn them on, but sometimes the blades carve blurry lines in wet conditions that make it hard to see.

When that happens, we know we have to replace the windscreen wiper blades. But what happens when these fail completely? Regularly inspecting, maintaining and replacing your motor is an important part of taking care of your Ford, and we stock genuine replacements that last for the long-run.

How do I know if my windscreen wiper motor is failing?

Typically, motors will need replacing at some point – whether after long-term use or because it’s a poorly made product. Sometimes, though, there are signs that they are starting to lose their performance.

You may notice that the blades start to progressively move slower each time you use them, which is a sign that the motor is struggling to generate power and is starting to fail. Another sign is that you no longer have access to individual speed settings, just a single speed no matter how much you adjust them. You may also notice that they do not park themselves in the right position when disengaged.

Have official Ford parts express shipped to your mechanic

When your vehicle is inspected, there are usually parts and components that need to be replaced - minor or major. This is especially the case at inspections where you may find that you have to replace significant items like your water pump, alternator or starter motor.

Jefferson Ford stocks every part you may need to be replaced at your inspection from small seals, clamps, joints and glow plugs through to larger accessories. These are all engineered by Ford and are 100 per cent official so they will not impact your warranty and will offer a better fit, durability and performance. We can have these sent straight to your mechanic so you can have total peace of mind and be back on the road quickly.