Seat Covers


Comfort, style and safety with our Ford seat covers and accessories

Our interiors have been designed with comfort in mind, with ergonomic seating that is easily adjustable and made to ensure you are completely comfortable, whether you are driving or riding as a passenger. Enjoy options for Ford Fiesta, Falcon, Focus, Ranger, XR6, Everest, Territory and more.

Why choose our seat covers?

Jefferson Ford offers a wide variety of styles to suit all models, with a range of features including waterproofing and more. As well as this, we have all the other accessories that make up the seating in your vehicle. These have all been designed to be long-lasting and durable, as well as soft and comfortable.

They are also a great way to fresh up a vehicle that you have had for a few years where you may have some fading, stains, sagging or other signs of wear. Make your interior look brand new again with replacement car seat covers that are snug fitting and super comfortable.

Covers to suit all models: It is important to get official covers so you are getting the right fit. Aftermarket options will never give you that perfect fit, and are made from inferior materials. Get the right covers that are going to be durable, look fantastic and mould to your vehicle.

Replacement cushioning: If one of your seats has been damaged, then you don't have to replace the entire unit. Ford manufactures cushioning that comes in the perfect mould for your vehicle, so you can easily swap out the damaged cushioning and replace it with a brand new, identical option.

Cushion frames: The base of your seats can also be individually replaced if any of the springs or other elements become damaged. These authentic replacements are simple to install and will give your seat plenty more life, without having to replace the entire thing.

Child safety brackets: If you are looking to have a baby capsule or child seat(s) installed into your vehicle, they need to be secured to government standards. These easy-to-bolt-in brackets adhere to all standards, and will ensure that your children are fastened safely and securely. 

Trims and valances: If the plastic components become cracked or damaged, we have official replacements ready to ship – so you can have them swiftly swapped over with a part that is going to be the perfect fit, and made from durable materials.

Latches, levers and other replacements: Every single component – including the latches, levers, switches, electrics and more – can be easily and affordably replaced with genuine options from our range.

Jefferson Ford has everything you need to protect your interior and exterior, including scuff plates, rubber mats to fit every storage, driver and passenger space as well as boot liners and much more.

All our protective accessories are genuine, and have been designed to fit perfectly and mould to your vehicle for the ultimate in protection.