Water Pipes

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Ford Falcon heater and water inlet hoses

Your vehicle has an extensive cooling system that involves your radiator and a network of pipes. Together, these deliver coolant and water throughout your engine to ensure it is running at the optimum temperature. When these parts develop damage, they can leak this coolant and water, which leads to higher consumption of these liquids, and a higher chance of overheating.

These pipes include heat hoses and water inlet hoses, of which need to be regularly inspected to ensure your heating and cooling systems are working efficiently. Doing so ensures you’re not doing any unexpected damage to your vehicle.

How to tell if you need to replace your water inlet hose

Look underneath your vehicle: This is the ideal starting point, and it is best to check here in the morning after your Ford has been resting all evening. If there is any coolant or water underneath the engine bay, tray and trace it up to its source by feeling the water pipes directly above and checking for dampness - which equals a leak.

Inspect your radiator: If your liquid levels are persistently low in your radiator and/or you have rust or other deposits appearing, then there could be an issue with your system. Also ensure you are regularly cleaning the external parts of your radiator, so it doesn't become clogged with leaves, bugs and debris.

Check for leaks: Regularly inspect your hoses for any signs of leakage. If it reaches the point where your Ford is stuck on the side of the road with steam billowing out of the engine, it is a fairly certain bet that a hose has exploded or become damaged.

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