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These are vital components of any vehicle, taking diesel or petrol from the fuel pump and injecting it as a fine spray into the engine for combustion.

They are electronically controlled and supply the right ratio of air and petrol for optimal performance of your vehicle.

Your Ford Ranger's Engine Control Unit (ECU) is responsible for the function of your injectors and uses an array of senses to detect what your vehicle needs at each moment for the best functionality.

How to keep an eye on your fuel injector

The fuel is pressurised by the pump and then checked by a regulator before the injectors are ordered to do their job and keep your system running smoothly in all conditions. Like all components, though, these can fail and cause rough performance.

Signs that you may have faulty fuel injectors include poor fuel economy or leaking fluid, a misfiring, vibrating or poorly idling motor, surging in your system and – of course – the trusty old check light.

This is because you are not getting a regular rhythm of fuel and air being injected into the engine which is causing it to perform badly.

Your motor will then start to overheat as it compensates for the incorrect levels of fuel injection which can lead to a range of problems, damage and failures.

While your vehicle has multiple injectors, it takes just one faulty one to lead to major failure. It is highly recommended that if one of these parts fail, you should replace all of them in your Ford Ranger to prevent problems in the future.

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