Bull Bars

Ford Bull Bars

Ford bull bars have functional and aesthetic purposes. They protect the front end of your vehicle to avoid serious damage while giving it a rugged look. If you’re interested in mounting one onto your ride, you’re in the right place. 

Jefferson Ford has a broad range of bull bars for your ride. As the recipient of the 2018 Gold Master Dealer of the Year award, we strive to maintain our service quality for the benefit of our customers. Check out our expansive online catalogue to find a bull bar that suits your taste.

Your vehicle’s front end is deceptively fragile. If you often go off-road driving, an unexpected collision with a large boulder or tree branch can cause significant damage and pile up repair costs. That’s where bull bars come in handy. 

What is the purpose of bull bars?

Ford bull bars are fitted to the front of vehicles to provide extra protection against impacts. They also allow you to mount accessories like winches and antennas. If you’re into desert driving, you can also place your sand flag onto these contraptions to improve visibility.

These metal frames are especially practical if you live in the outbacks of Australia. Ford bull bars help keep your vehicle operable after an accident, so you don’t get stranded. In fact, police cars use them for intentional collisions with other vehicles.

It is vital that bull bars don’t interfere with your vehicle’s safety features like the airbags. 

Jefferson Ford offers bull bars that integrate with your ride’s safety system and other components. They are constructed from robust stainless steel or aluminium tubing and weatherproofed with either a powder coating or a polished finish. All of our kits come with the necessary installation tools and instructions so that you can mount them on your vehicle with ease. In addition, modern bull bars can be attached without any modification to the front end. So whether you have a Ranger or an Everest, we have an array of Ford bull bars compatible with your vehicle. 

As a multi-awarded spare parts distributor, we endeavour to maintain our prestige. Thus, we only stock genuine Ford bull bars and other accessories to ensure customer satisfaction. We are passionate about the legendary automotive manufacturer, and our team is willing to share their extensive knowledge to help you find the right products for your needs and preferences. 

If you’re unsure which bull bars or other spare parts are compatible with your ride, get in touch with our team to get sound advice. We would be glad to help you find the perfect attachments for your vehicle. 

How to choose the right bull bars for my Ford vehicle?

The ideal right bull bar is fully compatible with your vehicle’s components and features like headlights, fog lamps, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control. In addition, it should be durable enough to withstand heavy impacts in addition to the elements.

Our selection of Ford bull bars is crash-tested to ensure they protect your vehicle’s engine bay. They also have built-in mounting points for plate numbers, lamps, and antennas, so you can seamlessly integrate your accessories without completely modifying your front end. 

If you’re unsure which Ford bull bars are compatible with your ride, send us your vehicle identification number so that we can assist you. 

Jefferson Ford also offers nudge bar sensors, bumper assemblies, and front bar grilles for a wide array of car models. 

Where can I buy the best bull bar for my Ford vehicle?

Jefferson Ford is the number one online destination for affordable and genuine accessories for your vehicle. We are a multi-awarded spare parts distributor with a passion for high-quality customer service. Since our establishment, we have received five awards recognising our tremendous sales performance.

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Jefferson Ford employs an intuitive search tool that lets you input your ride’s model, year, and variant to find all the compatible parts and accessories. Alternatively, you can use our search tool’s filters so you can find parts tailored to your needs and prefrences.

We cater to orders from all over Australia. Add your desired bull bar and other accessories to your cart now, and go through our seamless checkout process. All you have to do is enter your billing information and preferred shipping and payment method. We’ll have your package processed and delivered as soon as possible.

We also pride ourselves on our lenient returns policy. If you’re willing to cover the shipping costs, you can return any product within 30 days from the date of purchase. In case we incorrectly recommend a component or deliver a defective item, contact us and we’ll arrange a return as soon as possible. 

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