Genuine Ford Service Kits

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Genuine Ford Service Kits to Maintain your Vehicle

Servicing your vehicle is essential so that you get the best performance and safety, and also to ensure that it has a long life and a strong resale value. Regular maintenance will ensure the engine has a longer life, that you will reduce your fuel consumption, prevent wear and tear on moving parts and much more.

There are many components that will need to be replaced – including oil and various fluids (for your power steering and brakes, for example). Plugs, caps and a range of filters are also assessed as they will become worn and clogged over time.

If these are not replaced, then your vehicle will not run as efficiently. You, therefore, run the risk of overheating and damaging integral parts, which can lead to major repair jobs.

What is a service kit?

We have full kits available to suit your specific model of Ford. These coem complete with everything you need for your next service or repair job. Find an array of essential parts required to keep your car on the road and running smoothly at all times – all within this reputable range from our collection.

This makes it easy to have genuine parts ready for your mechanic when your service is due. When you buy from us, you’ll be scoring major savings in the long run – so you can end up paying less for products that are guaranteed to deliver on performance.

These kits are available for our range of models, including the Mondeo, Territory, Ranger, Fiesta, Focus, Transit and Falcon. We have also a range of options available that may be of value for your next service, including:

Fuse junctions: For your central locking system.

Fuse holders: To protect your fuses if your existing case has cracked or been removed. 

Wiring kits for towing: Everything you need to set up a safe and legal towing operation so that the trailer, caravan or other item being towed has the correct lighting and signals.

Fuel tank heating kits: To help you warm the coolant and get the most out of your vehicle during colder winter conditions.

Clutch repair kits: Due to the high use that your clutch gets, it is important to be regularly inspected and repaired or replaced as appropriate.

We also stock a wide range of individual components that are often required when it is time to service your vehicle, including: