Genuine alternators for your Falcon, Territory, Ranger or Focus

While your vehicle may be petrol or diesel-powered, it also requires electricity in order to start. Your alternator is responsible for this, ensuring that all of your components receive power. It also charges your battery while you drive, ensuring you always have a steady supply at all times.  When this doesn’t happen, the battery will fail to charge – eventually resulting in no power and leaving you stranded.

How do I know if my alternator is failing?

This is a good question, as the battery will continue to supply electricity to your vehicle until all of its power is exhausted. As a result, it might be several days before you notice that it has not been charging.

There are some signs that you may notice that indicate your battery is running out of charge, which means both the alternator and the battery will need to be checked.

For instance, you may notice that your interior lights are starting to dim, which suggests they aren't receiving enough power. The opposite may occur with your headlights; they may surge and become brighter as you accelerate, then dim as you slow down.

If you are driving and you smell burning rubber or a hot wire, then this could also indicate a failure. Certainly, you should have your vehicle inspected anytime there is an unusual smell coming from the engine bay anyway.

If you notice any of these symptoms, then you will need to have your vehicle tested as soon as possible – as you will not know how much power you have remaining. Drive to your closest mechanic, then contact us for a genuine replacement that will stand the test of time. We also offer highly competitive prices.

Essential parts to keep you up and running

Your alternator is just one critical component required to achieve smooth ignition. If you have a diesel model, you’ll need to monitor the condition of your glow plugs as well. These heat the incoming fuel and air for efficient combustion. 

Meanwhile, your starter motor is also essential for starting your car, as this is the component that starts to spin the combustion engine so that it will run under its own power. Plus when you want to be cool and comfortable, you need to ensure that your AC compressor is working correctly so that your air-conditioning engages when you start your vehicle.

We have a range of these parts for many different models, including your Ford Falcon, Territory, Ranger or Focus. All of our accessories and components are genuine, reliable and of premium quality.

Browse through our range online today, and we have everything you need for your next service or repair job delivered to your home or mechanic.