Genuine Ford Alternators

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Ford Alternators

Ford alternators play a crucial role in the operation of vehicles. They keep the battery consistently charged to ensure electrical components work properly. If you need a replacement for a bad alternator, we’ve got you covered.

Jefferson Ford is an award-winning spare parts distributor in Australia. We stock genuine Ford alternators for a range of old and new models like Falcon, Focus, Mondeo, Territory, and Transit. We also offer circuit breaker assemblies and a wide range of other components. Place an order today, and we’ll have your order delivered to your doorstep within days.

What does an alternator do?

Your car has components that require electricity to work, and they draw this electricity from the battery. Ford alternators ensure that your battery maintains a consistent charge to power these components. They essentially charge your battery while the engine runs to give you a steady supply of electricity. 

If an alternator fails, your battery will eventually run out of charge, leaving you unable to start your vehicle. On the other hand, a bad alternator can overcharge or undercharge your battery, severely affecting its service life and possibly damaging your electrical components.

It is important to know the signs of a failing battery or alternator so that you can address the problem immediately. The symptoms of a bad battery and a bad alternator are similar, so it’s best you have both components checked when you encounter these signs:

  1. The battery warning light on your dashboard illuminates.
  2. The internal lights start to dim.
  3. The headlights glow brighter when you accelerate and turn dimmer when you slow down.
  4. The engine cranks slowly when you try to start it.

The signs mentioned above can indicate that your alternator is undercharging or overcharging your battery. If you smell burning rubber coming from your engine bay, that could also mean that something has failed, and you should have it checked as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you could check the condition of Ford alternators yourself, given you have the necessary tools and experience. 

  1. Get a multimeter. 
  2. Set the direct current voltages to above 15. 
  3. Clean your alternator’s positive and negative terminals.
  4. Secure the multimeter’s black cable to the negative terminal and the red cable to the positive terminal. 
  5. Start your vehicle and check the multimeter for a reading between 14.2 and 14.7. If it goes over 14.7, it means that your alternator is overcharging your battery, while a reading below 14.2 means that it is undercharging your battery.
  6. Turn off electronic components like your radio, headlights, and internal lights, and see that the reading doesn’t go under 13.
  7. Turn off your car and see that the reading doesn’t exceed 12.6.

If your car exhibits readings that deviate from these numbers, your alternator is likely faulty.

How to choose the right alternator for my Ford vehicle?

If you’re looking to replace a bad alternator, the first thing you should do is check the diagram that specifies the individual amperage of your vehicle’s electronic components. You can typically find this diagram near the fuse box. You should then find the sum of all these numbers to determine what amperage your alternator needs to feed your electrical system. In addition, you must make sure that the replacement alternator has the same mechanical configuration as your old alternator.

Our website makes it easy to find authentic Ford alternators online. You simply have to input your car’s model, year, and variant to find the ones compatible with your vehicle. Alternatively, you can consult with one of our experts over the phone to receive sound advice. 

Where can I buy the best alternator for my Ford vehicle?

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Aside from the alternator, you should check other vital components to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. For example, if you have a diesel engine, make sure your glow plugs are in good condition to maintain efficient combustion. 

The starter motor is another component you should regularly check. It plays an integral role in starting your car, as it is responsible for initiating the engine to run on its own power. 

Jefferson Ford has all of these components and more in stock. Whether you’re looking for Ford alternators, transmission assemblies, engine parts, roof racks, or bull bars, we’ve got you covered. Whatever model you have, we can cater to your requirements. In addition, we have a team of experienced experts who are passionate about the legendary automotive maker. If you’re in need of genuine components for your ride, look no further. 

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