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The suspension in your Ford is important to ensure that you have a smooth ride, especially important when you like taking your vehicle off-road or over rougher terrain.

But this aspect of your vehicle is about more than just comfort, it is also critical for your safety and the control of your car. It is the control mechanism that ensures you are getting maximum surface area and friction between your tyres and the road and prevents your car from sliding out as well as delivering a smoother ride. When this system begins to fail, it means your vehicle is unsafe, and it should be looked at by a qualified mechanic straight away.

How do I know if my suspension is faulty?

There are many telltale signs that your Ford suspension bushes or ball joints could be failing, some that are noticeable early and some that mean you need to take action immediately.

An early indicator that your system is faulty can be found in your tyre treads. If they are uneven, it can be a reflection that your parts aren't not operating correctly, and this problem is likely to get worse. As these components further degrade, you will have a noticeably rougher ride. Your car may slide, drift or pull in the opposite direction when turning. The front of your vehicle may also dip when you come to a stop, and every bump in the road will be noticeable, even on smooth surfaces.

Can I drive with a faulty suspension?

It is highly recommended that you don't drive on a damaged or faulty system like this. You will get a rough ride, but the vehicle will still appear to be functional. But the loss of control means that you will be highly vulnerable in an emergency situation so it is advised you have your vehicle towed to your mechanic.

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